Shah Rukh Khan Has Finally Broken His Silence On Aryan Khan & It Will Melt Your Heart

Photo: © Instagram/SRK (Main Image)

Isn’t it depressing? For the longest time, a superstar like Shah Rukh Khan has been compelled to remain silent. An actor known for his quick wit and larger-than-life demeanour is seeking quiet and, most importantly, peace in his Alibaug home. It had been a long and arduous month for the Bollywood actor, whose eldest son Aryan Khan was arrested by the NCB on a Goa-bound cruise ship in a drug-related case.


Since then, Aryan has been released and has been living in Alibaug with SRK and the rest of the family, only visiting the city for routine NCB call-ups. Shah Rukh Khan appears to have finally broken his silence after a lengthy period of silence.

© Instagram/SRK

Shah Rukh has gone out to submit a plea to his directors, according to a source close to the SRK family. Yes. Shah Rukh, who had been filming for a few movies, had put everything on hold to deal with personal concerns, which was understandable. However, the actor has now demanded that filmmakers offer him some creative flexibility so that he can continue to work while being near to his family.

“He (Shah Rukh) has asked to keep film schedules outside India in little pieces, rather than one major schedule, and to leave space for him to travel home every couple of weeks for a few days,” according to the source. He’s asked them to schedule the shoot such that segments with the other artists may be shot while he’s gone, allowing him to spend time with his family without interfering with the shoots or causing any delays.”

According to the source, SRK aspires to strike a perfect balance between his business and personal lives. “After the current tragedy, Shah Rukh Khan has been extremely protective of Aryan and his family, and has decided to be there for them and create a balance between personal and professional time.”

SRK is now filming Pathan and other projects, and if reports are right, he will return to work shortly.