Shahid Kapoor’s Kabir Singh Co-Actor Vanita Kharat’s N*de Photo Goes Viral; Fans Buzz


With each passing day, the body positivity movement is getting stronger, and now, Vanita Kharat’s Kabir Singh fame posted a picture on New Year’s Day that took the Internet by storm. Though Indian cinema is beginning to slowly and surely touch on issues such as body positivity, there is still a long way to go. So it was very refreshing to see Vanita Kharat share her photoshoot with a n*de shot,

The actress shattered myths and spoke about loving her body, regardless of its size, color, age, and more, and celebrating it as it is. Vanita Kharat was posing n*de in the photo, holding a pillow in front of her. The image seems to be from a photo shoot for a calendar, and while flaunting her body, the actress can be seen smiling joyfully. In the caption, she wrote that, as those are the things that make her, she is proud of her talent, faith, and her body. She further encouraged her fans to join the campaign of body positivity.

“I’m proud of my talent, of my passion, of my trust, of my body… It’s because I am ME…!!! ”
@bharatdabholkar @abhijitpanse @ravan future Shot by @tejasnerurkarr Let’s get together, she wrote, to join this movement for body positivity.

Vanita was praised by fans for her bold attitude and appreciation of her looks.