10 Shocking Confessions By The Movie Theater Staff That Prove People Are The Worst!


Movie theaters are just about the best places on earth. Those sumptuous seats and the large screen in front of you helps you escape harsh reality in an instant. The thrill of sitting there and eating popcorn while watching the movie unravel on screen is unparalleled. But our experience as customers is good only because of the staff that works there.

The theater staff is responsible for keeping the hall clean, guiding us to the seats, maintain decorum in the screening and basically making sure no shady business like piracy or couples making out at the back happens. Their jobs get tougher when customers turn out to be jerks and are rude to them.

Here are some confessions shared by movie theater employees that will shock you, amuse you or make you really suspicious when you go for a movie next!

1. Clean up on Aisle 1!!


2. Rudeness has a new name, its called being an ass****!


3. The Germophobe in me has died a million deaths already!

4. Alteast they asked…

5. It’s a movie theater for heaven’s sake!

6. Someone needs to meet a shrink to sort out their anger issues, like ASAP!

7. This person got their priorities straight for sure!


8. This is what Satan’s spawn should look like!

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9. Was it 50 shades darker this time?

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10. This person was stoned, I think…