10 Signs That Your Kidneys Aren’t Working Properly

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Our minds process tons of information every day, our bodies carry out thousands of acts. Living in this busy world makes ignoring certain messages your body is giving you really easy. And the consequences of failing to communicate and respond to these signals can be dramatic.

10. Trouble sleeping

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If your kidneys don’t work properly, this ensures that toxins can’t leave the body by urine and stay in the blood. Higher toxin levels make it difficult to fall asleep. That’s why you increase the chances of deteriorating kidney function when you get less sleep.

Warning: Sleep apnea is more common for people with chronic kidney disease. Apnea for sleep is a disorder that causes one or more breath delays as you sleep. Such breaks can last from a few seconds to a minute. Normal breathing returns after each pause with a loud snort. Continuous heavy snoring means it’s time to see a doctor.

9. Headaches, fatigue and general weakness

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In our bodies, healthy and working kidneys use vitamin D to maintain strong bones and generate a hormone called erythropoietin (EPO). This hormone plays a major role in red blood cell development. We generate less EPO when the kidneys do not function properly. Red blood cell loss (those containing oxygen) results in rapid muscle and brain fatigue.

Warning: Having anemia is common among people with chronic kidney disease. Anemia may begin to develop when someone has 20% to 50% of the normal function of the kidney. If you have enough rest and sleep but continue to experience feelings of fatigue, low levels of energy and general weakness, you must visit the doctor.

8. Having dry and itchy skin

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Healthy kidneys do tremendous work by eliminating waste and excess fluid from the blood, helping to generate red blood cells, and maintaining the body’s proper mineral content. Itchy and dry skin signify kidney failure to maintain the right balance of minerals and nutrients that can contribute to infection of the bone and kidney.

Warning: Try to stay more hydrated if you have dry or itchy hair. Also, consult your physician before taking some itching medicine. Many drugs have ingredients that could possibly further harm the function of your kidney.