10 Sincere Photos Showing What True Support Really Is


Various television shows and books keep telling us that the secret to happiness is to have the right people around us. The people in this article just show that this is true— they are trying so hard to support others that they definitely deserve their own superhero cape!

1. “My brother made dinner for my husband, and I made dinner for our 4th anniversary. Can we appreciate the fact that he is 14 years old and that he prepares better than any other restaurant?”

2. “My father used to get so mad every time my mom came home with a new coffee mug (she likes to pick them up) and her new boyfriend practically built a wall for her to display her set.”

3. “It’s my birthday, today. My colleagues know that I am on a diet so I told them that they were more than welcome to still get a cake to enjoy themselves. Instead, when I got to work this waited for me. It really made my day, and was pretty delicious!”

4. “I wore a shirt on it to my grandpa’s house with Ron Swanson and he jokingly asked why I hadn’t got a shirt on it with his face so I got one!”

5. “A guy at a playground used his metal detector to gather tiny pieces of metal that could be harmful to children. He’s earning a couple of dollars in coins on the way but has shown us that he only collects things he picks up for their safety.”

6. The store owner let the dog inside rainy for a night

7. Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland visit a children’s hospital in London in costumes

8. Mummies don’t need much to be content.

9. “My mother asked for a new kitchen and my dad put some effort into it!

10. “He was sad because he was unable to catch a ceiling bug, so I rescued him!