Shark Tank India: Sippline founder hits back with statistics at Ashneer Grover after being rejected on the show for ‘wahiyaat’ product

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Season 1 of Shark Tank India may have ended, but the show continues to find new ways to be in the news. Shark Tank has become fodder for social media conversations and memes, thanks to the colourful personalities of the show’s’sharks’ and the entrepreneurial skill on exhibit.

sippline founder net worth,sippline founder Rohit Warrier, sippline sales, Rohit Warrier

One such entrepreneur, Rohit Warrier, who invented the Sippline glass shield and was roundly rejected on the show, is now busily mocking’sharks’ Ashneer Grover and Vineeta Singh. The two’sharks’ were sceptical of the product’s viability and asked Warrier, “dhoondh kaun raha hai hai?”

Sippline’s Founder Rohit Warrier

Sippline’s founder rohit warrier has now posted a video on social media mocking them by exposing Sippline’s online search numbers. According to the proprietor, the product, which Ashneer referred to as “waahiyat” in a rage on the show, is now being avidly searched for on social media.

Sippline Shark Tank

According to Rohit Warrier, 3 lakh people are searching for Sippline on Instagram, but the figure is much greater on YouTube, with 15 lakh searches. The video further states that the product is attracting interest from throughout the world.

Sippline Sales | Sippline founder

When Rohit introduced the idea as a ‘glass ka mask’ on Shark Tank India, the founder and CEO of Lenskart, Peyush Bansal, labelled it a’solution searching for a problem’ and rejected it.

Sippline Episode Shark Tank

“Yeh jo product hai naa, isse wahiyat product maine zindagi mein naa dekha hai, naa main dekhna chahta hun,” said former Bharat Pe founder Ashneer Grover in response to the product. Utha le, Mere ko Bhagwan! It’s a fantastic product, to be sure. “Iske baad main kuchh nahi dekhna chahta chahta chahta chahta chahta chahta chahta chahta While Aman Gupta, co-founder of BoAT, merely chuckled throughout the pitch, Vineeta questioned the product’s salability and searchability.

On Shark Tank India, Ashneer Grover told Rohit Warrier, the founder of Sippline,

“Bhai kya kar raha hai yaar tu? Mazak hai kya? Aap kya bohot zyada peete ho kya? Matlab ye idea apke dimaag mein aya bhi kaise ki glass ko mask pehnauga?”

Ashneer Grover, who always speaks straight forward , had questioned Rohit Warrier whether he was joking or if he drank a lot.

“Mere ismein bohot strong views hain… Ye jo product hai na matlab isse wahiyat product maine zindagi mein na dekha hai na mai dekhna chahta hu… mujhe bhagwan utha le… iske baad main kuch nahi dekhna chahta life mein.”

At this comment, Aman Gupta couldn’t control his laughter.