18 Sisters and Brothers Who Will Probably Never Find Common Ground


People feel that love and hatred are inextricably linked. So, when it comes to brother-sister relationships, this change occurs ten times a day. Especially when they’re battling over the last chocolate bar or the TV remote. In most cases, there are no winners, but everyone has a great time.

We compiled a list of 27 highly creative and slightly cruel pranks that only your closest friends can think of.

“I joked with my little sister after my heart surgery that I could use an Apple Watch because of its heart rate monitor. She came through with flying colours.”

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“This note was just delivered to me by my younger brother, who told me there was an unique message written in invisible ink on it.”

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If your sister falls asleep in your room, do the following:

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“My girlfriend was in the process of moving and left her sister alone, and then this happened.”

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The syndrome of the middle child appears early in life.

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“My sister is overjoyed with her new present. It’s clear in her expression.”

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“Three weeks ago, I changed my younger sister’s graduation portrait with a photo of the Supreme Leader. Dad hasn’t noticed yet.”

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When you’re the single sibling:

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“My 8-year-old sister is THE BIGGEST savage I know.”

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Today, my girlfriend’s brother was quite forthright.

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The Grudge Building in Manara, with its 1-meter width, is Beirut’s thinnest structure. It was built by the owner to conceal the view of the sea from his brother’s land.

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There are two distinct types of childhood:

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The award for Brother of the Year goes to:

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“After a fight with my sister, she chopped the bristles off my toothbrush. Why???”

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“All of the contents of his sister’s fridge were wrapped by my fiancé and me.”

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“My nephew taped his younger sibling to the skateboard of my niece…”

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It appears that dogs are also jerks to their siblings.

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Never entrust the opening of your shipments to your younger brothers.

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Regardless, despite the numerous disputes, pranks, and jokes between brothers and sisters, they remain the closest and most devoted friends.

Are there any examples of spectacular family pranks you can share? In the comments area below, share your thoughts and memories!

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