15+ Sneaky Things That Made Us Think They Were Something Else


There’s always that one in a million occurrence that fools our brain and causes us to doubt our own eyes indefinitely. Whether it’s a fruit that looks like something else entirely, or a pure blend of chance and time that results in an odd sight. Things that stand out from the crowd with their appearance pique our interest and pique our curiosity.

“I’m not sure if I should boil it or take it to the hospital.”

© meebit/Imgur

“It appears that a polar bear is melting in my ice cream.”

© borrow_a_feeling/Reddit

“My peas and lentils look like they passed the Ichihara test.”

© betterwatchnow/Reddit

“My jeans shadow resembles a face.”

© naritadivorce/Reddit

“My boyfriend’s homegrown potato has the appearance of the Reddit emblem!”

© dalmatiansalvation/Reddit

“This tiny red potato has the appearance of an anatomical heart.”

© Jztak7/Reddit

“I found an onion ring that looks like a ring.”

© helloworld_html/Reddit

“The grinds at the bottom of my coffee resemble an alpine forest landscape,”

© thegreenpiper/Reddit

“The dust left on my wall by a flag makes it look like the wall is made of fabric.”

© MereCoincidences/Reddit

“This butterfly-shaped tomato that sprouted in our garden.”

© Kr1tya3/Reddit

“The pattern on my dog’s chest resembles a cat sneezing.”

© VintageRice/Reddit

It appears that a tiny man is attempting to flee from this potato.

© Moonri/Reddit

The sunset appears to be two separate paintings.

© BiviK/Reddit

“I discovered a strawberry that resembles a star.”

© a-g-r-o/Reddit

“My cake produced an awful smiling face by itself.”

© Kazie224/Reddit

“You can’t tell if I’m holding the bottom or the top of my pan.”

© DjOneOne/Reddit

Which of these photographs caught your attention the most? Do you think these are just coincidences, or do you think there’s more to them?