20 Sneaky Tricks Celebrities Use To Make Themselves Look Better In Photos

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If you scrolled through a celeb’s social media, you’d have a pretty hard time finding a photo that would be considered unflattering.

99% of the time, they’re looking flawless. Even their makeup-free selfies are gorgeous and make most of ours look pathetic.

Don’t worry, it turns out that there are some tricks these celebs use to get their perfect pics, and you can use them too.

1. A lot of celebrities and even YouTubers use special lighting to take all of their selfies.

They use what’s called a “ring light,” which basically give you the best possible lighting ever if you have hundreds of dollars to dish out for one.


2. A less expensive solution is to rely on natural lighting.

This is often your best bet for selfies when you don’t have a ring light on hand. There’s less chance for weird shadows or contrasts on your face.


3. The secret is out that Kim Kardashian constantly uses her LuMee case to take all of her best selfies.

Just keep that in mind the next time you try and fail to take a selfie in low lighting and wonder why you don’t look like a Kardashian.


4. Lighting is only half the battle when it comes to taking the perfect selfie.

The angle of your pose is also very important when it comes to getting the most flattering photo.


5. If a celeb is taking a selfie, they’ll make sure that they’re holding the phone at or above eye level.

It’s the angle that’s going to make anyone look like they have a slimmer face.