Son Buries His Father Inside A BMW X6 In Nigeria

When a family member passes, people generally want them to transition to the afterlife in as much comfort as possible. In most cases that comfort is provided by a luxurious wooden casket lined with plush fabric.

In this case, the comfort is provided by leather-appointed seats and roomy cabin with plenty of headroom.

According to DailyMail, a loving (and rich) Nigerian son buried his father inside of a BMW SUV. The son, Azubuike, is said to have spent over $88,000 USD to buy the vehicle off the showroom floor to house his father’s essence.

Apparently, there were some Facebook users who didn’t find this cute:

Sifiso Inno Makhashila said: ‘Buy the car for your parent while he is still alive if you are moneyed and bury them with a decent coffin but this is just being foolish and showing off.

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Obienice Mohale wrote: ‘This is the sort of thing that keeps us poor as black people’.

Calvin Cal Diamean said:’Insanity and selfishness regardless of that fact that is your cash.’

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