‘Itna Kyun Peete Ho Bhai’: Sonu Nigam Randomly Singing At A Mumbai Restaurant Gets People Trolling him

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Sonu Nigam requires no introduction, and if you grew up in the 1990s, you know that his deep singing has ruled the music world for years. With the passage of time, the younger generation began to prefer rap music and remixes, yet treasures like Sonu and Shaan will remain in our hearts forever since they created an everlasting imprint.

We came across a video of Sonu Nigam singing in a Mumbai restaurant, with his friends oblivious to his wonderful voice.

Here’s the link to the video:

People assumed Sonu Nigam was inebriated and that he shouldn’t be singing like this at a restaurant.

Here are some of the responses

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Then there were those who admired his voice and lamented the fact that the younger generation did not appreciate true music.

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We agree with the comments praising his vocal abilities because we are glued to the screen and want to hear more from him.

Sonu was asked how his musical journey began in an interview with Indian Express. “I was born to parents who were singers,” he replied in response. I’ve seen them sing since I was a child and recognised that this is something I want to do as well. This came to me so easily. Music was always a part of my life, even when I was studying or participating in sports. It was always simmering in the recesses of my mind, heart, and soul.”

He was also asked about the shifting music trend in the county, to which he said that music would always evolve and that you cannot keep to old music. “A new generation has arrived, and they have a fresh perspective on music and art in general. We are not the same as our parents, and our children are not the same as us. To comprehend the generation and its pulse, we must continue to adapt to new trends. Music has evolved, as has the music industry. “And we’re going with the flow,” the singer continued.

Sonu was also recently in the news when he took a shot at music reality shows, criticising the way producers broadcast the contestants’ sob stories in order to increase TRPs. Sonu Nigam has always been forthright with his opinions and has been involved in numerous controversies as a result of his words.

All of the hatred surrounding him does not change the reality that he is a fantastic singer.