Sonu Sood Heart Winning Reply To Fan Who Gifts Him His Painting Made With Blood


Indian actor, producer, and model Sonu Sood are well-known for their work in a range of roles. This Indian actor has appeared in a number of well-known Tamil, Telegu, and Hindi movies as both the antagonist and the hero.

His exceptional acting ability can be seen in a number of wildly popular films, like Dabangg and Jodha Akbar. Because of his acting talents, he has received many awards.

In addition, he is well known for his charitable activities. Bollywood star Sonu Sood has emerged as the new COVID-19 “hero” for the entire country. When the pandemic first emerged in India, he took an effort to assist individuals who were affected.

Sonu Sood/Instagram

Whether they are frontline workers, the poor and defenceless, or migrant labourers, Sonu has helped those in need. And this isn’t even the first instance of his going above and beyond to help people in need.

Sonu Sood has proven that each act of kindness he performs is motivated by honest concern and empathy that are inspired by his own sincere concern for the country, despite some attempts to characterise Sonu Sood’s good action as a “publicity gimmick.”

Because of this, he regularly received numerous priceless gifts from his fans. While getting gifts from famous people is nothing new, it is uncommon for an actor to reject a fan’s gift. And Sonu Sood experienced precisely that.

Yes! The explanation for why he objected to a fan’s gift has increased our admiration for him. Here is what truly occurred:

Fan gifts Sonu Sood his painting made of his blood

Sonu Sood, an actor recognised for his philanthropic work in addition to his acting, recently received a special present from a fan in appreciation for his good acts.

The supporter gave Sonu a blood-painted portrait of himself and said that he would even be willing to die for him. Sonu thanked the fan and advised him to think about giving blood as opposed to using it for painting.

On Twitter, Sonu posted a video of their meeting, in which they can be seen clutching the same piece of art. He added Hindi captions to his video.

“Donate blood, my brother, not waste it by painting me. Many many gratitudes.”

In the video, Sonu said

“He is a very talented artist. Bhai Sahab has created a painting of me, but…”

At this point, the fan enthusiastically interrupted Sonu by adding, “with blood.” Sonu answered for him,

“This is what you have done wrong that you made it with blood.”

The fan then told him,

“I will sacrifice my life for you.”

During this, another fan said,

“You are no less than God.”

Another fan said,

“We have never seen someone with as big a heart as you.”

In response to supporters’ attempts to defend the painting, Sonu responded,

“I understand, but why with blood. Donate blood instead.”

Sonu then urged the audience to support the performer while assuring him that his prayers will always be with him.

The most recent role Sonu Sood played was Chand Bardai in the Akshay Kumar movie Prithviraj. The next Tamil film Thamilarasan will feature him in his subsequent appearance. Additionally, he will be seen in the lead role of the upcoming Bollywood action thriller Fateh, which is directed by Abhinandan Gupta.

What do you make of his protest?