10 Times Sonu Sood With His Acts Of Kindness & Proved He’s A Real-Life Super Hero


The real Pandey Robinhood isn’t Salman Khan but Sonu Sood. He may have been known in reel life as a mean villain but has turned into a real-life hero. People on Twitter praise him as a ‘messiah’ as the actor managed to send back home migrant workers who had been stranded in Mumbai city. The main concern was that of migrant workers when they found themselves without employment or an income source. With trains and bus services shut down, thousands of migrant workers were left with no other option but to walk for days in the scorching heat just to get home.

Sonu doesn’t have the dimples of Shah Rukh Khan, the crazy fan-following of Salman Khan, no big film banner to support him and he isn’t even a traditional star name. Despite lacking almost all of the features of a traditional Bollywood star, Sonu has become a fitting hero in real life due to his modesty and eagerness to support the common man. Everyone was sending ration and money to the workers but all the migrant workers wanted to go back to their homeland and it was Sonu who took this fearless initiative.

Let us take you through the acts of kindness that star did during pandemic times:

1. Sonu Sood launched helpline number for homebound migrants

Sonu Sood tweeted a helpline number in this coronavirus pandemic-18001213711-with a message asking migrant workers to get in touch with him and share the location details so that his team can help them. He also explained to PTI about launching numbers on the helpline.

“I received lots of calls every day …… thousands of calls. My family and friends were busy gathering the data and then we realized that we could miss out on a lot of people we won’t be able to meet. So we’ve chosen to open this call center, it’s a toll-free number. “He added,” We’ve got a dedicated team working on it, trying to reach as many people as possible to contact each individual. We don’t know how many people we can support but we’re going to try.’

2. Sonu Sood helped migrants personally

He had been getting lots of tweets from people who asked him for help until he launched a helpline number. The actor also supported them with whatever he could. People have started calling him Messiah because of his kind gesture. You better check on Sonu Sood for some tweets or fresh memes.

3. Sonu started the ‘Ghar Bhejo’ campaign

With the help of his restaurateur friend Neeti Goel Sonu Sood launched the Ghar Bhejo campaign. They launched the campaign on May 11 and helped migrants get to their homes.

He said, in an interview, “The hardest thing was getting approval from home states. We had to make sure that the migrants had the necessary documents so that they would not be stranded for a lack of permissions at some border.

4. Sonu Sood offered his Juhu Hotel for healthcare workers

He offered his hotel to healthcare staff including nurses, doctors, and paramedics. He said, “It is my pleasure to be able to do my bit for our country’s physicians, nurses, and paramedics, who worked day and night to save millions of lives in the world.

I’m very pleased to be opening my hotel doors to these real-time heroes.

5. The actor had also previously donated more than 1,500 PPE kits to doctors across Punjab.

Actors like Hrithik Roshan and Sonu Sood helped the country by supplying PPE kits to doctors.

When the coronavirus pandemic began, medical kits were scarce across the globe. Although some actors donated the heavy amount.

Yet if you think the star has been a philanthropist over the course of these few months, then you are utterly mistaken because his acts of kindness go back in time. For years, he has been this way and has never failed to help those in need. Let’s share some of the philanthropic activities with you before the pandemic hits us.

6. Helped the martyrs of Pulwama terror attack

Sonu Sood decided to donate his contribution to the education of the child of martyrs. A source disclosed, “Sonu will fund the education of the five-year-old son of the late army jawan Jaimal Singh based in his hometown of Moga (Punjab).”

7. Sonu Sood working for the cause of a drug-free Punjab

There were reports in 2018 that he visited drug users to warn them about the negative effects of drugs.

Sonu said: “The campaign against drugs is a project to make Punjab a drug-free society. We’ll be traveling to different states after Punjab to support the cause.

8. Sonu Sood started a skin donation campaign

He initiated the initiative to donate skin to survivors of acid attack with an NGO run by Kulsum Shadab in Bengaluru called Hothur Foundation.

Sonu said, “The Hothur Foundation’s donation drive aims to raise awareness and expand support for acid attack survivors who are in desperate need of skin to lead a normal, independent life.”

“The skin donation campaign organized by the Hothur Foundation aims to raise awareness and extend support to survivors of acid attacks who are in desperate need of skin to lead a normal independent life. We plan to have a larger number of skin donation banks across India. First, we are targeting a couple of cities in the country. I’ve seen and will continue to visit dermatologists to learn how skin grafting works and how skin maintenance works.

9. Sonu is a man with a heart of gold. Back in 2015, in his hometown of Moga, Sonu gave 50 cycles to his gym friends. Okay, he also runs a gym in his hometown, and it is used daily by all fitness enthusiasts. He told DNA,

“I’ve given the cycles to people who are poor and come from far-off villages. We usually fly by bus or use a bike lift to get to the gym. Besides being eco-friendly, the use of cycles on large roads in Punjab is especially feasible, as bus services are not that strong. Getting to their destination is easier for them and keeping fit too, but most of them can’t afford cycles. They earn and spend whatever they earn every day. We aren’t able to come to the gym daily because we miss the bus so I want them to go daily. Citizens in the villages know little about fitness and I want them to become more conscious. They burn their calories by cycling, while also doing their work like the milkman.

10. He built cricket academy for underprivileged children

Yeah, he’s been contributing to society for years and it’s time to point out his good deeds and admire the man he is. After all, not all heroes are wearing capes. Hats off Sonu Sood!

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