Soundarya Sharma STUCK in the US for over 1.5 months due to lockdown; sends SOS to the Indian embassy, but to no avail


Soundarya Sharma flew to Los Angeles at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute to take an acting course. Nevertheless, she has trapped herself in the US due to the current quarantine of Coronavirus. The nation is still in desperate condition with the most COVID-positive cases coming from there. To add to this, President Donald Trump has not yet declared a complete shutdown across the country, adding somewhat to the rise of the deadly virus among the masses. Nonetheless, Soundarya is trapped in her apartment and doesn’t go out anywhere.

Soundarya wrote to the Indian Embassy, And Ministry of External Affairs to advise them to evacuate immediately. There’s no optimistic turnaround from the embassy as yet, though.

Speaking exclusively to Bollywood Bubble, Soundarya said, “At Lee Strasberg Theater And Film Institute and New York Film Academy, I came to Los Angeles for my intensive acting training. I managed to finish my Lee Strasberg course but NYFA was unable to complete because of this nCovid-19 pandemic. Since then I’ve been trapped here for 1.5 months.’

When asked if she had any support, she said, “Yes, I have approached the Indian Embassy and MEA and I hope to return home as soon as the lockdown lifts up and flights operate as borders are now being shut down! “We not some reversal from either of them? “Nothing on evacuation, but merely recommended that you obey the standard advisory.”

The actress also recently spoke to PTI and spoke about students stuck in the US without adequate food and other necessities. More than 400 Indians, including students, are now trapped in the US amid the spread of the deadly virus, she says. She was quoted saying, “I will humbly ask for a relief package from the Indian embassy and the MEA for all those students and fellow Indians who are trapped here to help solve the circumstance and hopefully arrange an evacuation flight back to India.”

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