Ekdum Same To Same! Fans Think These 35 Scenes From Baahubali Were Copied From Hollywood Films


There are fans of SS Rajamouli all around the world. Hollywood heavyweights like the Russo Brothers and James Gunn have complimented the recently released film RRR by SS Rajamouli. Baahubali, his most recent masterpiece, changed everything for him. With RRR, he is merely wallowing in the glory of his film career. It was a film that helped him gain notoriety internationally.

But is it possible that SS Rajamouli plagiarised parts of his film from Hollywood?

Is Baahubali inspired by Hollywood movies?

There is a video that compares 35 scenes from Hollywood films, including 300, Avengers, Avatar, X-Men, and many more, with a number of scenes from Baahubali. The resemblance astounded the fans. These sequences, did Rajamouli duplicate them?

Some viewers feel that the video exaggerates a little bit. The fan noted that Batman V Superman and Bahubali: The Beginning were released in 2015 and 2016, respectively. How then could Rajamouli have ripped it off?

“Batman V Superman and Bahubali: The Beginning were released in 2015. Kuch bhi mat dikhao, Toh Dikhane hai “He composed.

Similar to how Baahubali, Wonder Woman likewise debuted afterwards. Others even thought that the majority of these photos were relatively standardised. This is how people responded to it.

Russo Brothers, who were recently in India, stated that they were keen to produce SS Rajamouli’s upcoming film. When asked about an Indian artist they would love to work with, they said, “An Indian name,” at the Mumbai premiere of Dhanush’s movie The Gray Man. Joe Russo declared: “I adore RRR, and I would be thrilled to work with SS Rajamouli to create a film. That’s a pretty bold claim coming from the box office hitmaker, so we won’t be shocked if the trio causes a “Baahubali X Avengers”-style explosion at the ticket booths. The only remaining query is a timeframe.”

Dhanush also inspires awe in the Russo Brothers. They indicated a wish to collaborate with him once more. “Being here in India has allowed us to observe firsthand how thriving the entertainment industry is. We are overjoyed that The Gray Man is now available on Netflix, allowing viewers from all around the world to watch the movie and admire Dhanush’s performance. He is a consummate professional that we genuinely respect and adore, and we sincerely hope that we will have more chances to collaborate in the future.”