11 Strange Facts About Kim Jong-un


There’s hardly much known about the world’s youngest dictator. He doesn’t discuss about his personal life, and his public biography contains some strange information. The only way to learn anything about this individual is to read what observant journalists have written or to read intelligence reports from South Korea.

1. His birth date is unknown.


Kim Jong-un was born on January 8, 1982, or maybe July 6, 1982. Or perhaps 1984. What is the source of this enigma? The leader is thought to desire to appear older and more mature, hence his official birth year is 1982. South Korean intelligence claims, however, that Kim Jong-un was born two years later.

In any case, he is one of the world’s youngest leaders.

2. His eyebrows are becoming shorter.

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There is something strange going on with the North Korean leader’s eyebrows in images taken over time: they are becoming shorter. It’s thought he’s having them built to look like his father, Kim Jong-il. Of course, this is merely a conjecture, and it would be extremely bizarre if Kim Jong-un made an official remark on the subject.

3. His early years are a mystery.

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This man, too, does not want his childhood photos to be published. This photo, along with a few others, was shown on the screen in North Korea during a major military celebration in 2014. They are said to be photos of the country’s leader when he was younger, but no one knows for sure if this is genuine.

4. For a local pop band, he recruited girls.

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North Korea has pop music, but it is nothing like what we are used to. North Korean bands, for example, feature military orchestras instead of the long-haired musicians that pop performers frequently have in their bands. They have to illustrate how well North Koreans live in music videos.

“Moranbong” is one of North Korea’s most well-known girl bands (we are sure you want to see the video from their concert). The band’s members are reported to have been chosen by the leader himself.

5. He holds a variety of formal titles.

It’s “The Main Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the Party Leader, and the People,” of course.

In addition:

“A New Beginning”
“The Brilliant Comrade” is a book about a brilliant comrade.
“The Genius Among Others” is a book about a group of people who are all geniuse
“The Marshall of North Korea” is a title given to a person who is in charge of (since 2012)

Furthermore, this man holds a physics degree from Kim Il-sung University and an economics degree from Malaysia’s elite HELP University.

6. He received his education in Switzerland under a fictitious name.

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From 1998 to 2000, a student from North Korea attended a prominent school near Bern, Switzerland. He was a member of the embassy’s database. He didn’t reveal his true identity. Looking at these images, it’s difficult to tell if it was the future North Korean leader. However, those who studied with him are certain it was Kim Jong-un himself. They recall him as a witty individual who was more interested in athletics than politics. He was also a poor student.

7. He is a basketball fan and a friend of Dennis Rodman’s.


According to the same school buddies, Kim Jong-un used to draw basketball player Michael Jordan when he was younger. It’s true that the politician is a basketball fanatic. He even met Dennis Rodman in 2013 and showed him his private island. Despite their vast differences, these two individuals became friends. “Perhaps he is a psychopath,” Dennis speculates, “but I didn’t detect that.”

8. In every photo, he chuckles and smiles.

Take a look at some of the photographs of the politician who has many countries on edge. On Paektu Mountain, this is him.


He’s pictured here with students planting trees.

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It may appear unusual that the leader of such a serious country grins so constantly, but there’s a purpose for it: Kim Jong-un needs to show the people that he is the embodiment of happiness.

9. He’s got a hipster haircut.

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Kim Jong-hairstyle un’s is amusing, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary. This is, in fact, a basic military haircut. Such a haircut may be seen on Brad Pitt in Fury, as well as millions of hipsters all over the world.

The dictator’s haircut is unusual since he wears it backwards. Because of the form of his face, he brushes his hair oddly, and it looks horrible. According to rumours, he doesn’t trust barbers and trims his own hair.

10. He doesn’t need to use the restroom.


That is, at least, what the people of North Korea believe. Kim Jong-il, his father, is in the same boat (you can read about this in his official biography).

11. Kim Jong-un might look like this if he shed weight:

© alfosn/reddit, © Polaris/East News

Alfosn, a Reddit member, shared a snapshot of himself making the leader lose weight. Users have noted that after losing weight, Kim Jong-un appears even terrifying than the ever-smiling obese man.

Which of these facts surprised you the most? Let us know what you think in the comments area below!

Preview photo credit alfosn/reddit, Polaris/East News