For most women, the news that husbands stress out their wives more than their children won’t come as any surprise. In fact, for most men, this news won’t come as any surprise either. For children, on the other hand, this may be hard to comprehend.
Why? Because as a child, we subconsciously learn that there are few things more stressful than a mini human.

After all, children are the excuse that parents use when they pour themselves a large glass of wine. They are the reason why you sometimes see a perfectly rational adult lose the plot in a public place. Sometimes, they are so bad that parents have to take sporadic breaks from their duties, leaving their offspring with a babysitter (often somebody they’ve never met before) whilst they go and relax.

To the untrained eye, it could be easy to assume that all parents are forced against their will to have children, but that is not the case.

And yet, according to a study carried out by the University of Padova, there is something much more stressful than children – a husband.

Their research concluded that, for a majority of women, marriage is as demanding as motherhood – if not more so.

Three out of every four women involved in the study even went as far as to claim that they do most of the parenting and household duties, with one in five stating that the cause of their stress was the lack of help and support provided by their husbands.

They found that after the deaths of their wives, men’s health dramatically deteriorates whilst women who lose their husbands tend to become healthier as they cope better with depression and stress.

To be quite honest, this research was pointless as this had already been proven by the life of Jessie Gallan, who lived to the ripe old age of 109.

Before she passed away in 2015, the centenarian said that her long life was the result of staying single and never getting involved with men.

“My secret to a long life has been staying away from men. They’re just more trouble than they’re worth,” the Scottish national told STV News

She also attributed her longevity to porridge. “I like my porridge. I have all my life,” she chuckled.

Despite all of the stress that husbands and children bring, women are still set to live longer than their male counterparts in almost every country. For example, in the US, women are statistically expected to live for 81.6 years, whilst men are only expected to live until they are 76 years old.

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Of course, in recent years, the gender divide between men and women has closed. Men are becoming more actively involved in the home and women are now more present than ever in the workplace.

Naturally, the effects of gender equality are not expected to show themselves for many more decades. Although many are already predicting that the life expectancy of males may rise and females may decrease.

Could everything finally be equal in the future? Nobody knows, but for now, it’s time to pour a large glass of wine and accept the chaos. Just remember, it’s a short-term pain for a long-term gain!

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