Sukesh Chandrashekhar Sends Love Letter To Jacqueline Fernandez From Jail, Wishes Happy Holi


According to reports, Sukesh Chandrashekhar was Suqueline Fernandez’s ideal partner. She desired marriage to him. Did she realise he was a con artist? According to her comments, she told the police that she was unaware of his true identity when he first met her. Shekhar Ratna Vela was all she knew of him.


The 30-year-old rich con man has deceived a number of politicians in addition to Bollywood divas. He apparently has imitation down to a science. “If somebody were to spend even 30 minutes with Sukesh for the first time, they would take his advice. He is a great speaker who creates an effect on listeners, “According to someone who met him.

Sukesh Chandrashekhar writes a love letter to Jacqueline Fernandez 


The con artist, who has been imprisoned since August 2022, has written a letter of affection to his “baby daughter,” Jacqueline Fernandez, wishing her a good Holi. He wrote the following in the letter!

Sukesh wished Jacqueline a happy holi


In his letter, he wrote: 

“I also wish the most fantastic human, the amazing, my ever-beautiful Jacqueline a very Happy Holi.

“On this day, festival of colours, I promise you, the colours which faded or disappeared will be brought back to you, a 100x folds. This year in full jazzy and brightness, my style. I will make sure of that and its my responsibility.

“You know I will go to all extent, for you my baby girl. I love you my baby, stay smiling. You know well what you mean to me and how much you mean to me. Love you my princess, miss you loads, my bee. My bomma. My love.”

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