Ronaldinho is all set to blow everyone mind in August by marrying two women at the same time and both are his fiance now. According to local Brazilian Outlets Ronaldinho the Barcelona star will tie the knot with Priscilla Coelho and Beatriz Souza at the same time.

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Ronaldinho has been always open about being the polygamist and it seems that his fiances had accepted this fact.

He is staying with two women at the same time and is there is complete peace in his life. The three of them lives in Ronaldinho massive mansion Rio De Janerio. The trio travels together whenever Ronaldhino goes abroad to attend meetings and events.

Ronaldhino Brazilian football champion and Beatrix starting dating each other in 2016 while Ronaldhino was already dating Priscilla. Pricillia has no issues with Ronaldhino dating Beatrix as she has been with him for several years. Ronaldhino continued meeting Beatrix for 2 years. This may appear strange to some people in the society but the three of them are quite happy with each other


Ronaldhino sister Deisi is against the marriage and has decided not to attend this wedding. She is quite frustrated and has expressed her anguish by saying that she will not see Ronaldhino marry two women at the same time.

Apart from family, the Brazilian football champion might run into legal problems like; bigamy is not legal in Brazil and is punishable by up to six years of prison time. The three of them will definitely avoid problems by not marrying the two women officially but they will rather organize an unorganized marriage.

He treats both women equally, equality to such an extent that he has decided to gift same wedding day gift to both of them. And it seems that Ronaldhino has started practicing this equality by gifting them the same perfumes while they traveled together.

Apart from the presents, Ronaldhino is giving both of them £1500 monthly for their personal expenses. It is also said that he proposed both the women with the same engagement ring. Brazil’s O Dia newspaper has reported that the wedding will take place inside the Santa Monica condominium where he has lived since 2015.



In a strange twist, according to newspaper Ronaldinho has never confirmed his dating with the two women; family and friends just began to presume that he is going to marry both of them. This news of marrying both the women also comes from unofficial reports and not an official statement by Ronaldhino.


Priscilla’s family members decided on to oppose the Ronaldhino about his idea to marry two women at the same time. Brazil’s Extra the newspaper reported that her family was angered because ‘they discovered that every present he gives to Priscilla, he also gives to the other girl’.

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