The True Reality Behind Reality Shows.


While viewers have always been interested in the true reality of reality shows, there has always been a debate over it. While some say these shows are nothing more than a script, others believe the decisions made in the show are fair.

The recent scandal surrounding the reality show Indian Idol has undoubtedly raised eyebrows among viewers of other series. This has piqued people’s interest in the true identities of the many reality shows that have been airing for years. Following that, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular Indian reality shows, as well as the true colours behind them. Take a look at this:

Kaun Banega Crorepati 

While we are completely enamored with this popular show and have always longed to be a part of it in some capacity, this show is not what it appears to be.


Though the first few episodes of this series were a little more forgiving, as new seasons were introduced as the show proceeded, the true colours of the show were revealed. The actual amounts won by the winners is the first and possibly one of the most crucial elements.


While we are all awestruck by the sums won by the winners, the channel has kept the true value of the prizes secret from us. TDS is deducted at a rate of 30%, while cess is deducted at a rate of 0.9 percent. After that, the victors take home the leftover funds. And, if other stories are to be believed, the channel takes a significant amount of the money you earn.

So, if you win a million dollars on the show, you’ll only have 69.10 lakhs after the deductions! Second, the competitors’ different tragic and discouraging backstories are not true. The phoney emotional stories of the contestants were added to spice up the show.

Rakhi ka Swayamvar


The notion of this reality show sparked a lot of craziness among the viewers. When the show’s first segment was shown to the public, it generated a huge response. Rakhi Sawant, Rahul Mahajan, and Ratan Rajput were among the celebrities who came forward to say that the show helped them discover their ideal soulmate.

Though choosing a life mate among the contestants is no simple task, the show guaranteed a happy ending in which the final contestant will marry a celebrity on Indian television.


Fans, on the other hand, were deeply disappointed by the show’s false promises, as candidates such as Rakhi Sawant did not marry the final contestant and others went on to divorce their marriages after the show!

Bigg Boss

While this reality programme was once known for its love triangles and scandals, it has since grown to become one of India’s most popular reality shows. The show’s many activities, as well as a group of well-known celebrities who take part in it, have always managed to captivate viewers.


In this situation, while we all assumed that this show would be based on real-time events, the introduction of more seasons has scared the viewers.

Audiences began to hear cues about the show while it was being scripted one by one. While there are numerous theories and rumours regarding the show being scripted, the participants have proven some of them. With the end of the show, the different love romances depicted inside the house regrettably came to an end.


The wedding of Sara and Ali Merchant, which took place inside the house and resulted in high TRPs for the station, is one example. The duo, however, marked their breakup as soon as the event finished. Similarly, the different fighting and dispute scenes depicted on the show are similar.

According to some rumors, this is only a scene from the movie. Aside from that, the expulsion of candidates is supposedly not dependent on audience voting, but rather on the makers, who purportedly eliminate contestants who fail to bring TRP to the show!

Indian Idol 


The current scandals surrounding Indian Idol, one of the most popular and well-known singing reality series, have surely been a hot subject these days. There have been several more rumours concerning the broadcast, including where the audience pointed out the show’s dirty eviction game.

The first of these is the supposed truth that the contestants meet the judges straight during the initial audition round. Yes, according to rumours, several participants have revealed in a Twitter post that they do not get to see the famous judges at their initial audition.


Rather, a crew is present who first selects the contestants by having them sing a few lines before sending them to perform in front of the judges! Isn’t it surprising? Aside from that, the judges have admitted to fake the contestants’ accolades.

Jhalak Dikhla Jaa


Jhalak Dikhla Jaa, an Indian dancing reality programme, has always managed to drive spectators insane. The show’s high-octane thrill and blissful performances and jodis have certainly enthralled the audience. The fact about the show’s participants, on the other hand, stands out as one of the show’s grim realities.


Because we all know that the competition must be structured to be equal for all contestants, the producers took a step further and made the show a little biassed for the other contestants by including individuals who were already skilled dancers like Shakti Mohan and Shantanu!

India’s Got Talent


This Indian reality show has undoubtedly provided a large platform for people from many places to demonstrate their abilities. While we adore the show’s many mixed abilities, it’s quite depressing to have to listen to the show’s negative aspects.

The show is said to feature a pre-determined winner and is scripted. Apart from that, it is said that the show’s numerous funny yet awful candidates are included on purpose to bring comical features to the broadcast!