These Are Definitely The Most Genius Puns Ever!

Pun, laugh, JCB, genius

Everyone likes to have fun and laugh all day. who doesn’t like it? absolutely everyone. So, here are the puns which make you laugh out loud. Check out below.

1. Look At that Bulldozer. It is the same as a mama cat carrying her baby in her mouth. Aww!


2. A Perfect screenshot? 


3. In Ireland half pint beer literally means half a pint!


4. A Tiny fan!


5. Whatever be your cone choice we definitely have that with us, any squirrels around?


6. Ah! The feeling when spring is just around the corner is definitely one of the best feelings ever!


7. Nothing much to see here, just a regular Indian, writing away!


8. If somebody ever asks you about what an airport layover is, just show them this picture, they’ll understand.


9. Oh look, Clinton hiding behind the Bushes. Get it? Bushes.


10. Now that’s we call stable relationship folks.


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