10+ Things All Girls With Big Bo*bs Have Done At Least Once!


Every girl’s relationship with her b*obs is really complicated. There are days you love and adore them and then there are days you couldn’t care less about them. But if there is one thing that will unite all women with big b*obs – it is their efforts of maintaining a rack that’s a little too big. There are some unique struggles that come with being big-breasted and while they may be funny to others, they’re quite a pain for us. It’s time we made a support group for women with big b*obs so that they can share what they’re going through together – like these 20 things we ladies with a big rack do and feel almost every day. How many do you relate to?

1. Held your bo*bs while running down the stairs, or just running in general!

Otherwise, it’s a jiggle town!

2. Worn two sports bra to keep everything in place and secure at the gym.

I want to get fit and not get attention.

3. Bought the most boring and basic collection of bras because there are no cute bras in your size.

Whyyyyyy God, why?

4. Kept a bowl of food on your bo*bs while binge-watching shows.

I have a table right here!

5. Stashed things like lipsticks, cash, sometimes cigarettes when you didn’t feel like carrying a purse.

Use what God has given you!

6. Constantly adjusted your bo*bs throughout the night to sleep comfortably on your stomach.


This struggle is too real!

7. I had to adjust the strapless bra subtly in public because it just cannot support your tatas.

Strapless bras are our Kryptonite!

8. Flashed everyone while wearing a bikini because a small piece of cloth cannot keep your big bo*bs in check.


Can’t pull off any risky ones.

9. Found shirts that you absolutely love and fit you well everywhere except on those goddamn bo*bs.

Pop (open) goes the button!

10. Wore a low-cut top and then spent the evening with your arms in front of your chest because a malfunction could happen anytime.

You’ll only have 50% of my attention because my bo*bs have the rest!