8 Things That Can Happen If You Stop Wearing Makeup


We’re so caught up in the pursuit of perfection that we disguise our individuality with a thick coating of concealer. But, as it turns out, makeup acts as a puppet in our brain, and there are certain advantages to not wearing it, including for our mental health.

1. When you’re barefaced, your brain quits believing you’re a stranger.


Kanebo Cosmetics performed research with experts and discovered that a woman feels as if she is assembling the face of a different person in the moments before applying cosmetics.

She feels as if her newly made-up face is her own after her makeup is in place. This shows that in her interactions with others, a woman in makeup regards her made-up face as a representation of her genuine self.

2. Your skin grows more resistant to the effects of the sun.

© Kylie Jenner / Instagram, © Kylie Jenner / Instagram

Some cosmetic products contain elements that can cause your skin to become dry and flaky on top. Retinol, for example, is best administered at night to reduce the risk of solar damage to the skin. The other is hydroquinone, which is present in facial serums and is intended to balance out the skin tone. It renders the skin more vulnerable to damaging UV rays. When you’re barefaced, all you need is an excellent SPF-protecting skincare product.

3. You appear to be younger without exerting much effort.


If you go without makeup, a police officer may question you to validate your age, or you may recall yourself as a teenager, since you began wearing cosmetics to appear older than your peers. According to a study, cosmetics helps middle-aged women look younger, but when young women’s faces are covered, they appear older. Furthermore, because cosmetics is often associated with age, when we wear it, other people instinctively believe we are older than we are.

4. You’re no longer afraid to act spontaneously and don’t have to worry about smudging your makeup.


Sweating heavily is normal when it’s hot outside or when you’re merely active during the day. When your face is completely coated with makeup, keeping everything in place during the day becomes a major problem. Natural actions like wiping sweat from your brow are no longer a challenge when you have a bare face, and you may just act naturally all around.

5. People are more interested in who you are than in what you wear on your face.

© yarashahidi / Instagram, © yarashahidi / Instagram

While being questioned on the internet, some women have confessed that when they wear makeup, people approach them differently than when they don’t. They claimed that other people frequently mistake them for catty or man-stealers, only to be astonished by their true personality later. If you’ve ever been judged based on your outer look when you’ve been using makeup, a naked face may be able to assist you stop being judged based on your outward appearance.

6. Your natural appearance makes you appear more approachable to others.

© Lady Gaga / Instagram, © Lady Gaga / Instagram

A face without makeup, according to Nancy Etcoff, an assistant clinical professor at Harvard Medical School, appears more trustworthy to others than a face with a striking cosmetic mask. As a result, cosmetics turns out to be more of an enemy than a friend when it comes to gaining trust and maintaining cordial relationships with others.

7. You gain a long-term boost in self-assurance.

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According to psychologists, cosmetics aren’t a miracle prescription for increasing our self-esteem. We truly feel better because we know we look good in other people’s eyes, not because of the makeup. All concealer and lipstick do, it turns out, is make us feel more confident, but the results don’t stay long.

8. Keeping your skin in good shape becomes easier and less expensive.


Makeup will clog your pores regardless of how cheap or costly it is. If your pores are clogged, you may require a variety of skin treatments, including visits to dermatologists. When you wear less makeup, your skin doesn’t require as many treatments, and in most situations, all you’ll need is water and a facial cleanser. As a result, the advantages of not wearing as much makeup apply not only to your skin but also to your money, as you won’t have to search for more noncomedogenic items.

How do you feel when you’re not wearing makeup? Did you notice any differences in how you communicated with others when you weren’t wearing makeup versus when you were?