12 Things We Need to Know About Real Love


It can reduce levels of anxiety when you are in love and have a healthy relationship, and this has been scientifically proven. You can even get a better look and feel less stressed at work. Hugging and kissing make you feel relaxed, safe and happy.

1. Love is sharing not only the good moments but also the bad ones.

Romantic love can last and is proved by studies. But the main thing is that you and you are taking action. Love is like a verb, not a noun. If you return home tired after work and see your partner waiting for an exciting night, there is a disconnect between the two of you instead of helping you. It doesn’t mean you need to break up right away, but you need a good clarification.

It can kill you emotionally if your partner just sees you as an item to have fun with all the time. You need to consciously adapt to your spouse’s needs.

2. True love is an action.

True love includes going through unpleasant times as well. According to psychologists, occasionally feeling lonely in your relationship is a common thing. It happens when their emotional connection is lost by a couple.

When you love one another, you’re trying to work on it to avoid misunderstandings. For example, some couples try to visit a psychologist in long-term relationships or try to talk more to each other to solve the loneliness problem.

Being with your partner should feel natural and work through anything to achieve the future you’ve been dreaming of, brick-by-brick.

3. You both know your boundaries and keep them.

A healthy relationship and love always have its limits. It’s like a certain compromise between both of you where no one wants to be the “dictator.” If your relationship is based solely on pleasure, there will be a problem sooner or later.

You need to talk in a healthy relationship and not be afraid to say something when you think that someone is moving beyond their limits. Choosing to engage in discussions, rather than quarrels, shows that you both trust each other.

Therapist Bridget Levy shares that understanding that limits using the words “always” and “never” do not work is crucial. You need to be concise and straightforward, of course, but it’s important to use the right words.

4. You share a common concept of what true love is.

You love each other, you spend together quality time, you forgive each other and you respect each other. Their desires and definition of love can be unique for all couples: some may prefer to travel, while others prefer to stay at home.

It was also studied that in a couple the meaning of love could shift. Serotonin levels return to normal during the first year, and the “obsessive” characteristics become milder. Therefore, love becomes more calm and mature.