10 Things Every Women Does When They Are Cheating in Relationship


Well, one of the most tragic things that can happen to someone that he/she finds out that their spouse is not loyal anymore. Nothing can outmode the pain that you feel when you have invested so much time, energy and emotions and you finds he/she cheats on you.

Society has coated such stereotypical beliefs within genders that we have all been subconsciously piped to think in a certain way. We see women as victims and men as attackers. Thinking in that particular way compel us to think that only men are capable of cheating on their spouses and that can’t be the truth. While some men may cheat, being unfaithful is not an attribute that can be linked only to all men. Unfortunately, women stray towards disloyalty as well.

10. She is spending less time with you

In a romantic relationship, both persons want to spend as much time with each other as human nature. If your spouse is not spending enough time with you, there might be a problem stealing just beneath the surface.

9. She is acting indifferent

If your wife is acting indifferent all of a sudden, there might be a serious problem. In a healthy relationship, there should be no emotional space between two loving birds. Wives want to be a part of whatever their husbands are doing and are genuinely supportive and affectionate without ever being needed to be asked. If being close to you is not coming to them as naturally as being distant is, a third person might be standing between you two.


8. She is suddenly more interested in your schedule

While it is normal for a wife to question about your plans and schedules, if she is asking too many questions then there might be some problem. Instead of wanting to care about your day, she might be trying to map out your routine in her head so that she can make sure she does not bump into you during the day. The fact that she is going out of her way to avoid you is suspicious in itself, to say the least. A thin line exists between being overly clingy,


7. She never parts with her phone

ways to enjoy and socialise. However, like everything else, the pros don’t come without the cons. People spend hours loitering around on social media, wasting time left, right and centre. While everyone is entitled to their own privacy if your wife is being overly secretive about her phone, you might have a problem. Social media has brought about a multitude of.

Snooping around in phones is a direct invasion of privacy, so make sure to gather proof before you actually get to this stage or your partner might feel needlessly attacked and overly scrutinized.

6. She runs away from intimacy

Physical intimacy is the cornerstone of any married relationship. Being intimate with your partner is what differentiates a platonic friendship from a romantic relationship. If your married life is devoid of physical intimacy all of a sudden, there might be a huge problem.

If your significant other is having an affair, it is only natural that not only will she start being less affectionate, but she will also stop initiating any form of love.

Small tokens of love, like hugs and other forms of physical contact, everything is a walking testimony of the depth of your relationship. If your spouse is barely touching you, it probably means that she is getting her share of desired physical contact somewhere else.

5. She has started putting in more effort into her looks

If your wife has suddenly started paying closer attention to her looks, watch out. Maybe she has shopped for a new look, gotten a drastically different haircut or goes out laden with makeup and perfume.

Either way, all these habits point to the obvious fact that there is most probably someone new in their life that they are bending over backwards to impress.

4. She is more secretive

Make a mental note if your partner is going severely out of their way to be more secretive in your presence. Does she never leave her phone unguarded and go out of the room to answer phone calls? Maybe she frantically closes tabs on her computer the moment you walk in or always browses in incognito? If someone is going to such extravagant lengths to be discreet, the chances are that they have something incriminating to hide.

If your wife has always been a generally private person, that is different. However, if she has been this way as of late, it would be better if you looked into what was causing this erratic behaviour.

3. She fights more

All couples, especially married couples, are inclined to fighting. If you are going to spend a large amount of time with someone, it is impossible to not fight with them On the other hand, if the fighting is constant and pointless, it might be a marker for something else entirely. If your wife is constantly after your case, she might be guilty of sneaking around your back. Having an affair makes people more irritable on account of the guilt.

To deal with your feelings, it is only natural that a guilty partner will start engaging in petty arguments.

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2. She has new friends

When you are a part of a relationship as concrete and binding as marriage, it is only natural that you start thinking of everything as a couple, rather than two individuals. From planning holidays to going out with friends, everything goes through your spouse.

However, if your wife is suddenly started making plans without you, that too with people you don’t even know, there might be a severe problem headed in your way. If she is moving in a different social circle, making decisions without discussing with you, the chances are that she is now endeavouring approval from someone else entirely.

1. If She gives vague answers frequently

Well, Single or married, no one should be asked to give exact explanations about their every move. But, when you are living in closeness to someone, it is only common to discuss your plans. If your wife is being particularly vague regarding her decisions, giving vague answers always and not enlisting information, she might be trying to hide something from you.

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