Video: Man confronts woman whose dog bit his son in Ghaziabad. Here’s her reaction


An additional video has emerged in which the child’s father is seen questioning the dog’s owner after a video of a dog biting a youngster inside a Ghaziabad housing society elevator went popular online.

The small youngster was still in the lift when a woman with a dog on a leash entered Charms County Society in Rajnagar Extension. The dog jumped up and attacked the boy as he was passing by as he attempted to reach the lift doors while carrying a bag that he was likely going to use to exit to the next floor. The leash was insufficient to restrain the dog, thus it was of no use.

The woman’s apparent inaction when the child was in distress was met with outrage on the internet. Even though the boy jumped on one leg and continued to clutch at his leg where the dog appeared to have bit him, she did not approach him.

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The Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation fined the woman Rs 5,000 as a result of the event, according to India Today. After the boy’s parents complained to the Nandigram police station, an FIR was launched against her. According to Circle Officer Alok Dubey, an investigation was being conducted in this case.

The incident took place on September 5 at 6 o’clock when a woman’s pet dog bit a young boy inside an elevator at Charms County Society in Rajnagar Extension, Ghaziabad. Surprisingly, despite the child’s obvious discomfort groaning, the mom didn’t even think to inspect him.

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The boy’s parents filed a complaint at the police station in Nandigram. Police opened an FIR in response to the complaint. In addition, the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation has fined the woman Rs. 5,000.

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