Woman Baffles Netizens After Posting TikTok Video Showing An “Alien-Like” Creature


Recently, a curious video gained viral attention on TikTok after featuring an “alien-like creature.” Since then, the said clip has received millions of views and, until now, baffled netizens simply couldn’t find out what the mystery creature really is.

TikTok user stinkeyescrappy apparently posted the video on her account and wrote the caption “Maybe someone will help me find out what that little creature is.”

It looks spooky!

The odd reptile being clearly had lizard-like features and bumpy texture that covered his entire body. It had been spotted clinging to a wall. She has found the bizarre creature in Boulder City, Nevada in the United States, according to the uploader.

“Tell me this isn’t real I m BEGGING YOU,” remarked one commenter.

Some have even noticed that his arms look similar to a human and even compared it to the hellbender, a “Stranger Stuff” creature from the Netflix show.

Meanwhile, other users turned to Google to find answers – only to find no relevant information whatsoever.

“Is this valid for real? I ‘m back from Google and I didn’t get a reply, “one added. Another admitted, “Me Googling’s a lizard with arms and legs really long.”

At the other hand, alien conspiracy theorists claim this might be evidence of an extraterrestrial life form.