‘Time Traveller From 3700’ Brings Back Part Of Robot He Killed During Human vs AI War

Time Traveller, Robot , Human , AI War,

A man who claims he is a time traveller from the year 3700 says he has brought back part of a robot he ‘killed with his own hands’.

Time Traveller, Robot , Human , AI War, theemergingindia, emerging, india

The unknown man claims to have moved to Canada at the age of 14 and began working at the National Secure Laboratory of Canada when he was 18 as a ‘major assistant’.

It was there, he claims, that he became involved in secret operations and objectives – including time machines.

The man made the claims in an interview with Apex TV, a Youtube channel which describes itself as ‘one of the biggest voices of paranormal on YouTube’ and has nearly 800,000 subscribers.

Facing the camera, his face obscured by pixels, he described an operation that he claims happened last year:

We sent many groups and single travels to the future. I was also involved in that groups [sic] and was travelling with them. We were travelling to random years but our main target was the year 3700…

Since the year 3000 humanity was entirely replaced [sic] by robots, artificial intelligence and software.

‘He said I’ve been to the year 3000 / Not much has changed but they live underwater.’ Anyone else just got this song going round in their head? Nope, just me, okay then. Moving on…

Time Traveller, Robot , Human , AI War, theemergingindia, emerging, india

He went on to say that on September 20, in the year 3700, every robot on Earth started a war. He claims that over 30 per cent of humans were ‘destroyed’ in their first attack.