‘Time Traveller From 3700’ Brings Back Part Of Robot He Killed During Human vs AI War


He said:

The robots who had artificial intelligence, once they understood their power, they understood their dominance above humans and raised above them. They were slaves but become [sic] the leaders. The war had been started, the war that kind of nobody seen before [sic].

In fact, he claimed that the only reason the robots were not successful in eliminating the entire population was that they could not get access to the codes for the launching system of nuclear rockets.

Describing the types of robots, he said there were ‘military’ ones which were strong but the most common was the ‘fox’ robots. Not like the animal, these robots apparently had faces and bodies which were very similar to humans, but had ‘big and strong hands’.

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It was this type of robot, the ‘fox’, which he claims he ‘killed with his own hands’ and brought part of it (its hand) back to present day.

Apparently, there were two types of ‘fox’ robots – one which had two hands and one which had one hand and the other was a laser gun. Who knew?

He says in the video as he holds up the ‘hand’ of the robot:

There is so much power in this little hand that it can divide you into a hundred pieces [sic]. The foxes were moving very fast and it was difficult to shut down them [sic]. Although they were jumping very high, and if it would notice and approach to you [sic], your chances to stay alive [sic] would be miserable.

In total, the unidentified man says he went on 18 expeditions to the year 3700 (still got Busted in my head, sorry not sorry). In that time, he says he brought many things back from the future, including the robotic hand. Let’s hope the Butterfly Effect isn’t real…

He claims he has gone public with his knowledge because it is his ‘duty to tell people the truth’ and that he needs people to know about the ‘upcoming apocalypse’.

The man said he is now living in Asia in a secret place, hence why his face is blurred and his voice altered in the video.

Check out the video here for yourself.

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