8 Times People Rose Above Religious Differences To Help India In The Fight Against COVID


Massive sorrow and happiness have a thing in common: they both demand brotherhood. For happiness and wealth to really mean something, you must share it with others, and in sorrow, you must stand shoulder to shoulder with your companions to help them transcend the difficulties.

Speaking of the above, many people from various societies have come together to support those in need during the current covid crisis, without regard for caste, faith, or politics. Here are a few examples.

1. Since his relatives were not present, a group of Muslim men assisted a Hindu son in cremating his mother.

2. When the gurudwaras opened their hearts to someone in need of oxygen.

3. And when they wanted to feed someone in need during these difficult times without asking for their name – because it doesn’t matter – they did so without skipping a beat.

4. When a Rajasthani civil contractor split his first Ramadan roza to donate plasma to covid patients.

5. Food is given to covid patients at the ISKCON temple in Dwarka, with a special emphasis on the elderly and pregnant women.


6. When a group of Muslims in Bhopal offered to assist in the cremation of 60 Hindus.

7. When mosque committees in Mumbai decided to deliver free oxygen cylinders to those in need, no questions asked.

8. As tens of thousands of Pakistanis petitioned their government to assist India in the spirit of supporting one’s neighbours.


We’ll get through this, and we’ll do it together.