20 Times Something Was So Oversized, We Felt Like Dwarves in Their World


We are immediately enthralled by a dog that is taller than ourselves. It’s because we’re accustomed to things being a specific size, and when that doesn’t happen, we’re taken aback. Fortunately, finding a “absolute unit” on Reddit can turn an average day into something extraordinary.

“My absolute unit of a baby brother – for comparison, my sister was 4 when she was holding him.”

© Skip2MyLouDarlin / Reddit

“I discovered a cyclops moth that was the size of half my hand.”

© JustAMemeBeingADude / Reddit

“I made a huge octopus out of crochet.”

© FF-MCMLXXXV / Reddit

“A true Samoan coconut for scale,” says my big boy.

© That-looks-infected / Reddit

“Tonight’s meal is cabbage with sausage and onion!”

© maggieufledu / Reddit

“Chilling with my big boy”

© tserko / Reddit

“In comparison to my 5’5” girlfriend, my Maine Coon”

© Paradisity / Reddit

“I notice your large Allen wrench, and I raise you a larger Allen wrench.”

© 4b-65-76-69-6e / Reddit

“We thought you’d enjoy this one-of-a-kind French macaroon I made.”

© idk2u / Reddit

“This big dude from this morning’s cereal”

© Ki**ydepressedwh**e / Reddit

“Buster is chubby and rotund.”

© jollyperson1 / Reddit

“This is a sandwich that my father made for me.”

© Cartman9110 / Reddit

“I had no clue tyres could be this big!”

© i_Blastoise / Reddit

“So far, Sadie, the squirrel, has devoured three jack-o’-lanterns.”

© ElizabethDangit / Reddit

“When I was a kid, my father used to take me outside of town to feed the buffalo. “We dubbed him Big Daddy.”

© notjustaphage / Reddit

“Take a look at this magnificent colossus. It was my first time witnessing redwoods up close.”

© LoboDaTerra / Reddit

“This huge potato I bought today”

© Wowsuchcreativename / Reddit

“I just created an account so I could show you this chunky salamander we found in the garden,”

© sleepy_marvin / Reddit

There’s no way you won’t be drinking lemonade for the rest of the year with this massive lemon.

© edandthedoorman / Reddit

“I’m not sure if my new hat will fit.”

© opalandolive / Reddit

Which of these objects took your breath away from the most? Do you have anything in your house that is especially large?

Preview photo credit Skip2MyLouDarlin / Reddit