10 Tips That’ll Save You the Trouble of Washing Your Hair Every Day


According to Lynne Goldberg, Director of the Boston Medical Center Hair Clinic, washing your hair too frequently can do more harm than good. Your sebaceous glands produce extra fat as a result of constant washing. As a result, you find yourself trapped in a vicious circle.

Watch your menu

Remove any greasy or fried foods from your diet to guarantee that your hair stays clean for longer. Sugar, white bread, and canned meals are all guilty of this. Fruits and vegetables, dairy, lean meats, and nuts can be substituted for these items. This will help to lessen the activity of the sebaceous glands.

Make use of dry shampoos.

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Divide your hair into strands and apply dry shampoo to the roots like hairspray from a distance of 8-10 inches to hide greasy shine. Apply talcum powder shampoo to the roots if the shampoo is in that type. Wait five minutes before combing your hair. Dry shampoo forms a protective layer over oily strands, making your hair appear clean for a short time.

Accessories should not be overlooked.

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A headscarf might provide fascinating hairstyling alternatives if you have a fringe. All you have to do now is wash your fringe, pin it up, and hide it somewhere. With gathered or loose hair, headscarves look great. They can also be a lifesaver for people with short hairstyles. Various hairpins or flower-adorned headbands can be used to cover greasy hair.

Keep an eye on the water temperature.

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Use warm or tepid water to wash your hair. The amount of fat secreted by the skin increases when it is exposed to hot water. It’s preferable to let your hair air dry after you’ve washed it.

Put your hair into braids

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Braids of any kind are effective at hiding oily hair roots. The better the weave, the thicker it is. To hide the more obvious section of the unclean hair, we recommend doing a tiny backcomb near the crown. Ensure that the braid does not come out smooth. The staleness can be hidden with a modest bit of sticking-out hair.

Before going to bed, comb your hair.

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Before going to bed, comb your hair. Pull your hair back and place it around the upper edge of the pillow once you’ve settled on your pillow. Make a quick ponytail or a loose braid if the length allows.

Change your parting

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Replace a straight parting with a diagonal one, or switch from one side to the other. The explanation for this is simple: our hair becomes accustomed to being styled in a certain way, resulting in a loss of volume at the roots. Additionally, it is dirtier near the parting line. Shifting the parting adds volume, a fresh look, and a clean aspect to your hair.

Flat hairstyles should be avoided.

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Smooth and sleek hairstyles will make your hair look even more untidy and oily.
The ideal choice is to slightly backcomb the hair at the roots for added volume, then secure it in a shell or bun.

Wash your brushes

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Remember to clean your styling equipment on a regular basis to avoid surface skin fat, conditioner, and styling ingredients bonding your hair together. Brushes and combs should be rinsed in warm water with soap or shampoo once a week.

How to wash your hair properly


To smooth frizzy hair, use a T-shirt instead of a towel to dry it.
Scrubbing your scalp is not a good idea. Gently massage shampoo into your hair with your fingertips.

Before using a hair conditioner, wring out your hair.

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