Top 10 Billionaires Who Don’t Want You to Know Their Actual Wealth

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If you’re asked to name the wealthiest people in the world you’d likely name Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos. You won’t exactly be wrong going with the traditional billionaire lists such as Forbes or other famous news outlets. However, some individuals on this list control an immeasurable amount of dark wealth.

These individuals have either inherited billions and billions of dollars from their ancestors or they have contributed to a whole new level of corruption in their country. When you already have so much clean money it’s not that difficult to get involved in some illegal activities to make more money without the world noticing it. The following 10 individuals and families control a vast amount of wealth but for some reasons, they remain a secret.


10- Isabel Dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos is the oldest daughter of Angola’s longtime former president, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who stepped down in fall 2017. She is Africas richest woman valued at $3.6 Billion. In 2012 Forbes estimated her net worth around $500 Million. But only last year her net worth increased to $3 Billion. Jose Eduardo dos Santos made her head of Sonangol, Angola’s state oil firm, in June 2016, but Angola’s new president removed her from that role in November 2017. According to a research by Forbes, Isabel’s father transferred to her stakes in several Angolan companies, including a telecom firm and several banks.

Later on, she purchased shares of Portuguese companies, including telecom and cable TV firm Nos SGPS. Shares were acquired through Angola’s national oil company but were later transferred to her through back run dealings. An investigation proved that her shares were acquired by public funds. Isabel has managed to hide her wealth or how she obtained it through various offshore companies. If she ever revealed the source of this wealth it would probably lead to some serious criminal charges.

9. Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un is said to be worth around $5 billion. This might not be so impressive compared to other individuals on this list, but it’s still a massive net worth as North Koreans earn an average of $1800 per year. This wealth was discovered back in 2013 when America and South Korea decided to probe into the financial matters of Kim Jong Un. What they discovered was pretty amazing.

They successfully found how Kim Jong Un and his family have hidden their money by distributing it over to 200 foreign bank accounts all over the world. For obvious reasons, the famous dictator cannot risk getting his wealth exposed as it would lead to a serious conflict against him. Much like the Arab spring in which several longtime leaders were stripped out of their powerful positions.

Kim Jong Un leadership is mostly based on fear and brainwashing people. They are kept in dark throughout their lives, they have no idea what is going on in the world so it’s unlikely they’d be able to cause riots just to dethrone him.