Top 10 Billionaires Who Don’t Want You to Know Their Actual Wealth


4. Ratan TATA

Ratan Tata – Head of the TATA group of companies, Ratan Tata is currently valued at only $1 billion. However, this doesn’t reflect his real net worth. The TATA group runs 96 companies out of which 28 are publicly listed companies. These businesses spread in every aspect. Banking, steel, textiles, power, chemicals etc. Ratan TATA’s real wealth cannot be calculated as the companies are run by the principal company TATA sons.

Whose chief owner is not Ratan TATA but several board members who own 65% of the shares? This wealth does not in Ratan’s financial statements but if it did his net worth would be around $85 Billion making him the 3rd richest person in the whole world right next to Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. Ratan TATA is also known to give massive charities as the country he belongs to ‘India’ is still a developing country. He regularly donates to charity companies making the lives of less privileged a little easy.

3. Carlos Slim Helu

According to some sources, Slim is worth $61.2 billion making him the 6th wealthiest man in the world. This is the first time that Carlos has been out of the top five in nearly a decade. According to some sources his actual net worth could reach around $129 Billion due to the fact that he has massive control over the economy of Mexico. He owns over 200 companies.

The stock exchange of Mexico is also a noteworthy point to be shared over here. Almost 40% of the companies that are registered there are under the control of Carlos Slim Helu. Talk about some big stock exchange monopoly. Carlos has pumped his money into everything you can imagine of. Hospitals, roads, hotels, buildings, automobiles, telecommunication services, restaurants etc.