15+ Tricks That All Beauty Salons Use, but Never Tell You About


Hi, my name’s Natalia. I’m an ordinary beauty salon manager: we have average prices and we have trained professionals. At some point in your life, you have possibly used services such as ours. All the firms have their own tricks and before you go to a hairdresser, you will learn about them.

Some procedures are not worth the money

  • Hair Botox is exceptionally popular: it becomes smooth, shiny, and elastic after the hair is covered with a special product, and does not break as often. First things, this product lightens your hair by 1-2 tones. Then second, 2-3 months later, the Botox effect wears off and the hair looks exactly like it did before the treatment, or worse. You will have to pay at least $70 to a beauty salon many times a year to make it smooth and shiny again (the longer your hair, the more it will cost). If you’re not able to pay for the procedure that much, then don’t even start.
  • The cutting with hot scissors is another success among the salon’s offerings. Since special thermal scissors are used, this procedure costs 2 times more than a normal haircut. And they heat hair ends, thus preventing split ends. But if you regularly get haircuts, your hairdresser does away with the split ends anyway. Many people use this service once and see no point in paying again for it.
  • Very often, consumers get frustrated after having their hair laminated: sure, the hair gets shinier and cleaner, but the product gets washed out in a matter of a few weeks. Once upon a time one of our clients came to us in tears: she had her hair laminated in another salon. She washed her hair twice and it seemed as though she’d never had the procedure.
  • The same works for restore and straighten keratin: these are not medical procedures but are aesthetic in nature. It’s just that the cream protects the hair from the outside and makes it physically smoother and sleeker. And as with any hair dye, in a matter of a few weeks, it gets washed off and the hair looks just like it did before.
  • It is possible to maintain the healthy state of your hair without very expensive salon procedures from my experience in communicating with customers and watching the professionals work. It is enough that the ends are cut frequently, that curling iron is not used too often, that thermal protection products are used before using a hairdryer and that different creams are used for the hair ends. And of course, do not torment your hair with treatments for lightening.
  • An interesting fact about hair dyeing: about 95% of our clients dye their hair in balayage styles and ombre. Telling them out from one another is even difficult. And the girls with more natural hair colour or strong hair colour are the ones that stand out. Making one-colour hair is easier, and harm to the hair is negligible.

Sometimes, you are blatantly deceived.

  • Some “advanced” beauty salons are training their workers to trick their customers: they use inexpensive products that look like expensive ones, and they apply expensive hair masks without requesting permission from the customer and then include them in the bill. Honest professionals mix the hair dye right in front of their customers and always ask them if they would like any further procedures. You have the right not to pay for the procedures which you have not asked.
  • Many fraudulent hairdressers use tonics to cover the bad hair dyeing work. For example, a violet shampoo may mask the yellow colour. Only after you wash your hair at home will you see the true colour. If this happens, go to the salon to tell them what has happened—they’ve got to fix all their errors. And if from the first attempt it is impossible to achieve the requisite colour, they must warn you about it in advance.
  • Always watch out for hairdressers ‘ certificates: good professionals take courses to improve their level. This is particularly important when they have to do hard dyeing work. There are many techniques now and all of them can’t be learned just by watching tutorial videos. Ask for a certificate if you’re not sure of a hairdresser, don’t take their word for it.
  • Even the most luxurious beauty salons will try to fool you. One of our employees told us that her previous boss had made them wash disposable gloves and fill the bottles with cheap products because she was trying to save money.

About failed expectations

“How is it even possible to straighten my hair like the salon does?”

  • There’s a popular belief those haircuts look great on anyone. Many classic types look good on almost any face, on the one hand. But always listen to the professional’s opinion before you get a haircut. If they’re positive that your hairstyle doesn’t fit well with a certain cut, it’s probably true: you’ll look good after the cut and styling but what are you going to do next morning? You’ll have to use curling irons and other equipment.
  • When you want to dramatically change your hair colour and you used to use henna before then make sure your hairdresser knows about it. Like artificial dyeing materials, natural henna has a strong and resilient pigment. The outcome of the dyeing of hair coloured with henna may be unpredictable.
  • For those who want to dye their hair an odd colour like green or violet, for example, bad news. These colours are not long in coming. And to extend the light, each month you’ll have to redo the process.
  • One of our regular customers had long been dyeing her hair red and then she decided to change the colour to violet. Three times we had to do the wash, then dyed the hair and then we toned it up. The hair was pretty long so it took 6 hours for the treatment. The girl had been struggling to maintain the colour and style for a year— the colour became pinkish and dirty, and the hair was hard to style and became very delicate.
  • There’s a little trick for bright hair, by the way: You can get hair extensions (just a few locks) so you don’t ruin your hair. You can add any colour to them and change it for the next 5 years.

About the peculiarities of clients

  • We’re not the town’s most luxurious salon and the prices are pretty attractive. But some customers are still trying to get us to give them a substantial discount. Sometimes the salon meets them halfway but you should note that the haircut price always involves professional shampoo washing the hair, using a hair conditioner and hairstyling. A customer who wants to pay less just gets a haircut. And the funniest thing is that some consumers are still dissatisfied-they want all the facilities at half the price.
  • Once, we were asked by a client to style her hair— she wanted curls. The hairdresser was doing the job and the client left for her company party. She came back 2 days later and asked for a refund. She thought the curls remained like this for 2 weeks!

Have you ever had any expensive hair services? Which services do you think are not worth your money and which can only be done by a professional?

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