TV actresses have changed a lot after plastic surgery


Doesn’t the entertainment industry look from afar incredibly sexy and captivating? Okay, the trend of helping to improve attractiveness through plastic surgery has been going on for a long time in the glamor industry. With respect to fashion, in this glamorous world,’ too much’ is never enough. People go overboard to get everything right, and many people resort to plastic surgery as a doctor will give you everything God does not have. Most stars from Bollywood have had some surgery so far. To look beautiful, somebody underwent lip surgery, while somebody resorted to thin liposuction. If somebody has done a nose job, somebody has done a breast implant. In the modern era of today, nothing is probable.

1. Mouni Roy

With the serial Naagin, the actress Mouni Roy became famous and made us crazy in her alluring looks and outstanding performing abilities. But not many of us may know that she looked totally different from what she looks like today!! Yes, the actress used lip surgery to improve her lips and make them look fuller.

2. Sophia Hayat

Sofia Hayat appeared in Bigg Boss 7 as a contestant and became a well-known post to the show. It is said that the actress has undergone a variety of plastic surgery from her lips to the breast implant. She also did nose research, liposuction, and cheek correction to achieve beautiful looks in addition to this.

3. Sara Khan

Sara Khan is an Indian model and actress with Star Plus series “Sapna Babul Ka… Bidaai” as Sadhna who made her television career. She was also a Bigg Boss season 4 contestant. The actress is said to have undergone a lip operation and has been under fire after posting a new selfie that supposedly showed her after lip surgery. Sara, however, revealed in an interview that she did not exactly perform an operation, but instead used lip fillers!!!

4. Rashmi Desai

Rashmi Desai resorted to surgery as well. She admitted the fact that she had taken the help of cosmetic surgery to look beautiful after her performance in Nach Baliye.

5. Rakhi Sawant

The gimmick queen of Bollywood, Rakhi Sawant, whose good looks and toned body wowed the audience of plastic surgery as well. Although she has always preferred glamorous looks, over the years her transformation has obviously been more than just making up and aging. Once famously saying: “A doctor may send you what God does not have,” Rakhi made her opinion very clear about cosmetic surgery! Although she may never verbally admit all of her surgical procedures, pictures do not hide how much over the years her face has changed.

6. Gauhar Khan

Gauhar Khan admitted that he had undergone lip surgery during an interview. She had actually committed to a reality show, but she canceled the shoot when her lip form changed after plastic surgery. SHe said, “I wanted to try a brief, three to four-hour lip augmentation. Yet I didn’t like it and I postponed Khan Sisters shooting (reality show).

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