Two-cops travelling on NH-24 Without Helmets And Damaged Number Plate.Is Law Only For the Common Man?


It’s a very normal scene when police or any higher class people can be seen breaking the law deliberately but we can’t do anything with them as they know very well how to tackle such situation with their money and power.

A similar occurrence has seen by a man named ‎Siddharth Jindal on 15th April (Today).He saw two UP home guards travelling on a two-wheeler without wearing a helmet and broken number plate as well this morning on NH24.When he pointed it out to the officers that their helmets are missing and damaged number plate. Hearing that, the officers replied that they know about it.He also said “he will share this incident on social media” but they were pretty cool and ostracizing that man.Also, Read


Have a Sight

This was posted by Siddharth Jindal‎


So, the question here arises is ” Is the law only for the common man?” Police and higher class people should not follow the law or should not have fear?

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