Types Of Men Women Wants To Date And The Ones They Should Avoid


Every woman at some point has desired a kind of fairytale life. But when the reality strikes, after dating quite a few numbers of men they become aware of types they should have avoided and types they should continue on with. There are some, a woman will go out of their way to meet and some they will avoid by all possible means. Some qualities of men act as a magnet attracting the female tribe and some qualities as a natural repeller towards women.If you are kind of person who is looking for your Mr. Perfect or then this article is probably for you.

Below are 7 types of men a woman wants to date!

1.Smart guys



There are some qualities of a smart guy which attracts women into their orbits because women know they won’t be bored with a smart guy. Humor and intelligence is the biggest weapon to attract women.If you feel you don’t possess this quality then read some books and talk to people in different walks of life.

2.Hot guys


Looks are the one biggest factor women are easily attracted to. Men with broad abs and well-defined jawlines will grab the attention of women easily. While a humble and weak look can repel women easily.

3. Funny ones


Humor is a universally attractive quality. Funny people have a quality to lower down the mood of people and create a soothing calm atmosphere around which basically attract women.

4.Romantic Freak


Every woman somewhere in the corner like romance and wants to be treated like a queen by her partner. She will avoid the one who is not romantic.Romance does not always mean gives flowers and candlelight dinners but writing on some cute notes and thoughtful message to her.

5.The gentlemen


Every woman wants her equality, recognition, independence but at the same time be treated like a lady. She wants someone who will open the doors of the car, help in groceries like a true gentleman.

6. Mr ambitious


A guy who has set up his goals and the concrete plans to achieve them can easily attract women. The one who knows what he wants and is firm about that is the type of guy women wants to be with.

7. The Generous one


The generous guys are naturally not selfish. This generosity does not mean giving a share in your earning or cash but your desire to help others and patience he has while dealing with them.

Below are 7 types of men women should avoid dating!

1.The Jealous type


Jealousy to some extent is tolerated in every relationship but when it seems to cross its borders it leads to an unhealthy relationship.The men who are excessively jealous are of the view that only they have the right to you.

2.Avoids commitment


The kind of guys who avoid commitment. He will take you on a fancy date, will give you mixed signals but the time you think you have started developing feelings for him he will remind you that he is not looking for a relationship.

3.The misogynist


This type of guy will not help you out with your work. Even you arriving at home from a job at the same time he expects you to get to the dinner ready.Women avoid these men because they undervalue their independence.

4. Mr. argumentative


This type of guy has the power to turn any conversation into an argument. You don’t feel comfortable around them and even de-accelerates your self-confidence. A woman would never date such guy.

5.Unemployed one


If he is probably looking for a job then women don’t judge them but if you are unemployed then women avoid such men because women are under impression that these men want financial care from them.

6.Lacks ambition


The one who has no plans and goals are the type women avoid. They are attracted towards one who is determined to want he wants to achieve and make a concrete plan to support it.

7.Arrogant Men


The guy who has huge pounds of ego and anger not just to her but to other people also. If you are good at dealing with her but treat other people badly she will notice it all and will never want to date you.

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