Soon There Will Be An Underwater Train Between Mumbai And UAE. It’s Unbelievable

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On the development part, this is the time when everyone will consider themselves really lucky to be alive. In our expected lifetime basically, we are set to see the world going through a gigantic transformation.

We are all aware that driverless and flying cars are soon going to be a common thing in the world. Hyperloop is being planned and now we hear something more that will make you super excited for the future.

UAE is planning to start something in future which can be called an underwater train and guess what? It will connect Mumbai and Fujairah underwater through a 2000KM rail network.

Yes, you heard it right. The network will be underwater which means the train will travel underwater from Fujairah to Mumbai. The talks for the network are in an initial stage right now and if it happens, it will be used for travel and import-export both. India will reciprocate it by providing fresh water to Dubai in return.

Speaking at the UAE-India Conclave in Abu Dhabi, National Advisor Bureau Limited managing director and chief consultant Abdulla Alshehhi said that they plan to connect Fujairah to Mumbai through ultra-speed floating trains. The purpose is to boost trade between the two countries and if it’s successful, UAE will be exporting oil to India and importing excess water from the Narmada.

Isn’t that amazing?

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