15 Unsanskari Indian Things On the Internet That Are Totally Worth Watching


4. Water

Water, the second movie by Deepa Mehta in the elements trilogy. This movie caused a lot of agitation at the time of its release because it dealt with the doctrinal conditions that widows in India are treated as, even today.
Unsanskari, Indian Things, Internet

5.   Lust Stories

This Netflix’s latest series explore special desire from a female’s viewpoint. From vibrators to orgasms, the movie showed everything on screen. It gains a lot of negative reviews for its story.

Unsanskari, Indian Things, Internet

You can watch the film on Netflix.

6. Khujli

This short film brought together two concepts that are alien to ‘Indian society’ – an elder couple’s desire for s#x and BDSM.

Unsanskari, Indian Things, Internet

You can watch the film on YouTube