15 Unsanskari Indian Things On the Internet That Are Totally Worth Watching


10. Parched

This is a very beautiful movie that explained how female friendship and its support has the power to fight patriarchy and baseless traditions.

Unsanskari, Indian Things, Internet

You can watch the film on Amazon Prime Video.

11. Angry Indian Goddesses

Unsanskari, Indian Things, Internet

This movie was shown about a bold take on fighting the undue restrictions that society places on women.

You can watch the film on Netflix

12. Kamla Ki Maut 

Unsanskari, Indian Things, Internet

This movie was released back in 1989, this was far ahead of its time since it dealt with issues like pre-marital s#x and unwanted pregnancy that is still not acceptable by our society. A few years later, Kya Kehna was a dramatic movie on the same issue, but it did not even come close to this masterpiece.

You can watch the film on Hotstar