The Unspoken Side Of Long Term Relationships Revealed In 20+ Brutally Honest Illustrations


6) Sometimes You Need A Hug: Hugging is the greatest thing ever. Any person who gets hugged on a regular basis can tell you that it feels wonderful, and you feel a lot less worried or stressed about things the more you hug. Getting lost in the arms of the person you love is such a delightful and wonderful feeling.


7) Snuggling On The Couch: Another great activity for people in a loving long-term relationship is snuggling on your couch. You don’t feel worried to be doing anything at all and time seems to go out the window as you simply enjoy the other person’s company. Couch snuggles are where it’s at people!


8) Teasing Is All In The Name Of Good Humor: Sometimes it’s a lot of fun to catch your loved ones in awkward or compromising positions if it’s all in the name of good humour. You aren’t teasing them because you enjoy being mean, you do this because when your loved ones let their guard down, they can look really cute!


9) You Help Each Other Get Ready: After a long and hard day, or in a particularly difficult morning when motivation is at its lowest, that’s when we struggle to even do something as simple as brush our hair out before bed. Having a loved one do this for you is both cathartic and shows their love for you.

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10) Coming Home To See Them Is The Best: After a long day at the office or if you’ve been away for a while, coming home to see your partner is such a joyous feeling. You feel like a part of you has been missing since you parted. Yes, having separate activities and things are healthy, but it’s nice to come home and be with the person you love. You know what they say, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”