The Unspoken Side Of Long Term Relationships Revealed In 20+ Brutally Honest Illustrations


11) Smelling Their Hair: Any person who has ever been in a loving long-term relationship can tell you that even the scent of your partner’s hair is enough to intoxicate you. Especially if they’ve just come out of the shower, or if they have fresh product in their hair.


12) Reading To Each Other: Sometimes it’s just really nice to have someone read out loud to us. Reading to each other is both romantic, and therapeutic in a way. It’s enjoyable to hear your partner read to you, and it’s also a great way of showing your love for the other person. Haven’t any of you seen the movie The Princess Bride?


13) You Melt In Each Other’s Arms: Sometimes, especially on days when we really need to feel the other person, a simple kiss or caress of your partner’s hand is enough to melt you into a warm pile of mushy goo. Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than by showing your feelings physically in a loving long-term relationship.


14) Counting The Stars: When you’re in a loving long-term relationship, nearly every activity becomes infinitely more romantic than it ever was. So an activity that’s already romantic like counting the stars becomes even more romantic! When you’re with the person you love, you feel like you could count every star in the universe and it still wouldn’t be enough time.


15) Find Little Hairs: When you’re in a loving long-term relationship, you tend to find traces of your partner everywhere you go. Especially if your partner has long hair. You’ll find these hairs in your clothes, in the bathroom, and sometimes even in your food. However, it doesn’t bother you because it’s like finding a little reminder of the person you love around the house.

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