‘Urfi Javed Lite’ Ramanand Sagar’s Great Granddaughter Sakshi Trolled For Her Bold Outfits

Photo: © Sakshi Chopra Instagram (Main Image)

Sakshi Chopra, the great-granddaughter of Ramanand Sagar, has made news for her outlandish appearance and wardrobe choices. Her Instagram is full of photos that showcase her strong style, and she isn’t afraid to show off her curves. Her Instagram is proof that she is at ease in her own flesh.

Sakshi is the daughter of Meenakshi Sagar, a television producer. She supposedly graduated from Trinity School of London and went on to pursue filmmaking at The Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute in California, USA. “Singer I Songwriter I Method Actor,” her Instagram bio reads.


She was just spotted on the streets of Mumbai yesterday, enthusiastically posing for the photographers. She was spotted sporting a red bikini top and matching red jogger pants.

The images are as follows:


She was, however, heavily chastised for wearing such an exposing gown, with some even comparing her to Urfi Javed. People also questioned whether she have any talent, as flaunting her skin won’t go her very far.

Here are some of the responses:

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She also mingled with paparazzi and members of the media. She announced that she will release her original music, which she wrote and composed herself, in three months. When a journalist inquired if her fans will be able to see her on the upcoming season of Bigg Boss, she said she would be interested in appearing on the show.

People are comparing her to Urfi, so we’re curious how the two would react to the parallels.

Urfi is also well-known for her design sense, and she recently made headlines when she stated that she would never marry a Muslim man. “I am a Muslim girl,” she told India Today. The majority of the hate mail I receive is from Muslims. They claim that I am ruining Islam’s image. They despise me because Muslim males expect their female partners to act a specific way. They want to have complete control over all of the women in the neighbourhood. Because of this, I do not believe in Islam. They troll me because I don’t follow their religion’s expectations in terms of behaviour.”

“I will never marry a Muslim guy,” Urfi Javed continued. I don’t believe in Islam and don’t follow any religion, so who I fall in love with doesn’t matter to me. We should be able to marry anyone we wish.”

She also said that when she was 17 years old, her father abandoned her and her family. “My father was a staunch conservative.” When I was 17 years old, Dad abandoned me and my siblings to our mother. My mother is a devout Catholic, yet she never pressed her faith on us. My siblings and I are both Muslims, yet they never force Islam on me. That’s the way it should be. You can’t make your wife and children follow your religion. Urfi Javed remarked, “It should come from the heart, else neither you nor Allah will be delighted.”

Urfi, on the other hand, has repeatedly stated that she is unconcerned with trolls. We hope Sakshi ignores these snide remarks as well. It’s past time to put a stop to trolling.