Urfi Javed Covers Her Assets With A Transparent Roller Bandage, Trollers, “Thodi Dimag Pe Bhi Patti Karva Leti”


Because of her daring and stylish sense of dress, Urfi Javed has become well-known in the television industry. At Karan Johar’s chat programme “Koffee With Karan,” Ranveer Singh and her coworkers both praised her for her impeccable fashion sense. The actress is currently receiving backlash from internet users after covering her assets with a translucent roller bandage in her most recent trendy outfit posted to Instagram. To read the scoop, scroll down below.

Urfi Javed’s new video – Urfi Javed/Instagram

Regarding her fashion sense, Urfi is incredibly inventive, self-assured, and experimental. You can love or loathe her, but you can’t ignore her since she dresses in the quirkiest ways possible and wears the odd costumes. We appreciate her sense of style and her noticeable, outspoken social media presence.

The actress posted a new Instagram video while wearing an outfit made of roller bandages. Urfi Javed uploaded the video on the photo-sharing website with the caption, “It’s Halloween every day for Urfi! Would you ever have guessed? What bandages?

Who would have thought that you can make a dress out of roller bandages, right? Urfi Javed does it again.

Reacting to her video on Instagram, a user commented, “Thodi dimag pe bhi patti karva leti.” Another user commented, “Ab hamare patient tumare pass aayege dresing krwane😂😂😂😂” A third user commented, “Kisi din pad use karte karte ye ladki uski bhi dress bna degi.”

Urfi Javed only covered her assets with the roller bandages and used Taylor Swift’s ‘Anti-Hero’ in the background, that’s the perfect combination if you would ask us, hehe!

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