Urfi Javed Impresses Netizens With Honesty Whiling Attending Anjali Arora’s Birthday Bash, ‘200 rupaye wale…’


Urfi Javed doesn’t hesitate to be authentic and keeps things honest in her life. Javed went to social media personality and Lock Upp participant Anjali Arora’s birthday party on Wednesday. Recently, the two actresses worked together on a viral clip for Haye Haye Yeh Majboori, and they shook the internet with it.

With regard to the celebration for Anjali Arora’s birthday, Urfi wore a black dress with bridal bangles (chuda). Even papas were impressed by the way the golden bangles complemented her attire. The internet is favouring Urfi because of his honesty rather than his combo. Urfi was heard admitting that the bangles are phoney and gold-plated in a video that Instant Bollywood released. Urfi laughed as he said, “Yeh sone ki nahi hai…nakli hai 200 ruapiye wale.”

A number of internet users praised the Bigg Boss OTT star’s candour as soon as the video was posted. This girl is unsurpassed in her sense of style, a user commented. Bangles ka kya tuk h smjh nh ati ye ldki or iska fashion, opined another user. Added by one of the users. “However, Pta Nhi Kyu Lag Rha h Ki Ulta Pehen Li h Dress Achi Lag Rhi. Just Joking, you look stunning.” “ATI Sundar Kanya,” a user added.

Urfi Javed, a social media celebrity, is well-recognised for making original fashion statements. You may not be aware of the Bigg Boss OTT star’s other side, though. Urfi is also an expert in beauty, and she knows certain tips to acquire flawless, bright skin.

When we looked at Urfi’s Instagram profile, we discovered that she posted some DIY face mask tutorial videos in 2020–2021. These videos are pretty helpful and simple. Urfi demonstrated how to construct a sheet mask with banana extracts in one of her postings. In the video, Urfi prepares a facial mask using a banana, a teaspoon of honey, a squeezed lemon, and isab-gol before mixing it all together and applying it with a brush. Later, she applies a sheet mask to the face. Javed advises wearing the mask for 15 minutes, then presto! When sharing the video, Urfi said, “Why pay top dollar for sheet masks? Your skin will look radiant and feel incredibly nourished after using this fruit sheet mask. Try it and report back to me! DIY face, sheet, and masks.”

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