UFO shot down with $400k missile by US Air Force may just have been $12 hobby balloon


Since a Chinese surveillance balloon was discovered, the US Air Force has begun employing missiles to shoot down balloons in and near their territory.

The missiles used to destroy these balloons are pricey weapons; each missile costs $400,000 to shoot.

UFO shot down

Since you’re investing that much money in each missile, you should hope that it hits its intended target and should be targeted in the appropriate direction.

On February 4th, a rumoured Chinese spy balloon was brought down over the Atlantic Ocean. Thereafter, numerous other unexplained flying objects—among them one floating in Canadian airspace—have been targeted and destroyed.

Yet, it’s possible that some of these weren’t spy balloons sent by the Chinese government but rather were merely regular balloons.

The spokesperson for the national security council, John Kirby, acknowledged earlier this week that they “haven’t seen any indication” that three other flying objects that were shot down were sent by China.

Once the Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade (NIBBB) reported one of theirs gone, it’s possible that one of them is just a simple hobby balloon that can be purchased for as little as $12.

Although they haven’t lodged any formal complaints, their silver-coated “pico balloon” last reported its location off the coast of Alaska on February 10 and was most likely still in the air at that time.

It just so happens that the very next day, an F-22 fighter jet from the US Air Force shot down a UFO in the vicinity. It doesn’t take much speculation to speculate that the USAF may have unintentionally destroyed the hobbyist’s balloon.

Before contact was lost, the balloon had been in the air for 123 days, and it had completed six full orbits of the planet.

A fresh balloon and a covert apology to the hobby club could be in order if this was the flying object that was shot down in Canadian airspace.

Officials are positive that a “high-altitude surveillance balloon” was the first flying item to be fired down a few weeks ago.

It was discovered skulking above several important military installations in the US before being eventually brought down over the Atlantic by a $400,000 Sidewinder missile.

Strangely enough, the USAF is also not excluding the idea that some of these things are alien in origin. In that case, I’d like to urge our new rulers to be specific in their accusations if aliens decide to invade Earth and become angry at us for shooting down their spacecraft.

China insists that the first balloon was a weather balloon that got blown off track rather than a spy balloon.