Video: Watch Avengers 4 Annihilation 2019 Leaked Official Teaser Trailer


After Avengers Infinity War, Marvel Universe has left millions of fans in mystery since Thanos has eliminated half of the universe including the Superheroes too. Since then several fans have been trying to decode what will happen in next and final sequel of the Avengers. Will the Super Heroes return? If yes, how? Will Thanos be defeated? If yes, who will do that and how?

One of such biggest question was even the title of Avengers 4. Directors of series and even Marvel have been teasing the fans with so many hints time to time. It was heard that the trailer of Avengers 4 will be released on November 13th, but that didn’t happened.

However, the official teaser trailer of Avengers 4 along with its official Title is leaked on Internet before its official release, and you can watch it here right away:

Talking about Avengers 4 Annihilation full trailer, a Reddit user has decoded the date of its release. He used a clip from Avengers Infinity War where Doctor Stranger sees the future calculating 14,000,605 outcomes of battle with Thanos. The fan said, these numbers are the Hint of Avengers 4 Trailer release date. His calculation is something like this:

What if when the countdown reaches that number, or relatively close to that number, the trailer is released? While I’m writing this the countdown is at 161 days and for my idea to work, the trailer would have to be released when the countdown is at 140 days. The countdown would be at 140 days on December 13th which is a Thursday. This day is also the day in which Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse premiers, meaning that the trailer could be attached to this.

There are such countless hints and predicts Marvel fans have been making about Avengers 4. One user also said Doctor Strange is definitely Alive because years ago in Movie ‘Doctor Strange’, he was said that he (Doctor Strange) can’t see future ahead of his death. But in Infinity War he saw 14,000,605 outcomes of fight with Thanos, which means he was alive in all those fights, which is yet to come.

Bu the time, you can watch the Fun our Superheroes do on the sets: