Here’s How Much Fees Star Cast Of Vikram Vedha Charged For The Film


The action-packed drama Vikram Vedha, starring Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan, has finally made it to theatres and “mind-blown” spectators with its riveting storyline. Early viewers of the movie were unanimously complimentary in their reviews.

However, as soon as the movie’s trailer was made public, it provoked online debate and garnered a lot of attention. At the same time, the movie’s songs are trending on social media.

Despite being an official remake of the 2017 Tamil film starring Vijay Sethupathi and R. Madhavan, the Pushkar-directed film has received high praise from viewers.

The classic film heavily impacted the Hindi adaptation, but to the credit of directors Pushkar and Gayatri, it nevertheless managed to stand on its own, offering a gripping story, fantastic action, and a few giggles.

While Hrithik’s fans are gushing over him in the teaser as they see him in the villain’s appearance, Saif is also winning hearts in the role of a police officer. The film centres on Vikram, a respectable police officer from Lucknow who is looking for thug Vedha. However, our perception of good and evil is altered when Vedha confronts the police and starts outlining his version of what happened.

In addition to Saif and Hrithik, the film includes an outstanding supporting cast. To hire this assembly, though, would be very expensive. Because of this, the audience must have been curious about how much the movie’s prominent performers were paid.

So, let’s have a look at how much different actors were paid for Vikram Vedha:

1. Hrithik Roshan – ₹ 50 crores


Hrithik Roshan has played a variety of characters throughout the years in different movies. After the 2019 film War, the actor returned to the big screen in Vikram Vedha as a menacing antagonist. He is without a doubt the most expensive actor in the entire cast of this film. As one could expect, he has demanded a hefty 50 crores for the film, which is more than the other stars have.

2. Saif Ali Khan – ₹ 12 crores


In this movie, Saif Ali Khan looks fantastic as a sincere police officer. People are quite enamoured with him and eager to see him face off against Hrithik in the film. Saif Ali Khan reportedly charged 12 crores for this film, which is considerably less than Hrithik’s fee.

3. Radhika Apte – ₹ 3 crores


Radhika has a solid reputation in the field and has consistently won over audiences with her extraordinary talent. She played a lawyer and Saif’s wife in the film. Radhika reportedly received Rs 3 crore in compensation for portraying this role in Vikram Vedha.

4. Rohit Saraf – ₹ 1 crore


In addition to being a national crush due to his stunning looks, The Sky Is Pink actor has won hearts with his acting skills. He plays the brother of Hrithik Roshan in this film. According to reports, he demanded Rs 1 crore for the film.

5. Yogita Bihani – ₹ 60 lakh

The actress Yogita Bihani made a notable Bollywood breakthrough with Vikram Vedha. For her part, she allegedly wanted Rs 60 lakh.

6. Sharib Hashmi – ₹ 50 lakh

Sharib Hashmi/Instagram

Yogita Bihani’s Bollywood debut with Vikram Vedha was a significant one for the actress. It was said that she wanted Rs. 60 lakh for her contribution.