We Are In 2021 And Here Are 13 Things That Continue To Happen In India!


“Madam, aap budhi lag rahi hai, Yeh kapde mat pehna karo,” says the speaker. (Please don’t wear these clothing, Ma’am; you’re old.)

“Sir, apne double umar ki lady sey shaadi karoge?” (Sir, are you really going to marry a woman twice your age?)

“Zaoor, kisi se affair hoga…,” says the narrator. (I’m sure he’s having an affair with someone.)

What is a typical day in the life of an Indian celebrity?

Suhana Khan

These lines, on the other hand, may provide you with a more accurate image. Trolling abounds, as do pointless disputes over their personal preferences, and everything they do and say is twisted. While we see their glamorous lives, luxury automobiles, and lavish mansions, the reality is often darker than we imagine. People’s personal decisions are constantly scrutinised, and many times, they cross all borders of insensitivity.


While India can produce 500 different versions of Devdas, we haven’t yet reached the point where a lady holding a glass of wine is deemed normal. “How can a woman consume alcohol?” Doesn’t she have any morals?

Because everyone on the internet has access to actors’ personal lives, they believe they have the right to remark and pass judgement.


We are now in the year 2021, and the situation for celebrities, primarily women, remains depressing and painful.

Malaika and Arjun

Here are 13 daily events that demonstrate that we still have a long way to go in terms of becoming progressive, sensitive, and empathic toward others.

Women are being chastised for having a ‘untimely’ pregnancy:

Instagram/Dia Mirza

There are several reactions when celebrities announce their pregnancy. I’m not sure who gave people the right to question someone’s decision, but Dia Mirza received a lot of backlash when she announced her pregnancy just days after her wedding. Trolls on the internet question her character, asking whether she couldn’t reveal her pregnancy before the wedding and shatter stereotypes like she did with a female priest officiating at her wedding.

Women are being persecuted for ‘acting on their own free will’:

Mandira Bedi

There is nothing more painful than losing a life partner, but not every celebrity gets the luxury of peaceful mourning or grieving. People were unjustly attacking Mandira Bedi for wearing trousers and a t-shirt while conducting her husband’s funeral rituals. They also claimed that Mandira is not an exemplary Indian woman because she carried her husband’s bier rather than the customary Hindi custom of family men carrying it. Who gave people the right to do something? Please let us know if you find a solution.

Couples who ‘end their marriage’ are mocked and tormented.

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao

It will take a long time for everyone in India to grasp that the decision to marry, not marry, or end a marriage is a very personal one that should never be debated or discussed. However, in India, we don’t grasp the concept of privacy and frequently interfere on celebrities’ private lives by forcing our views on every issue. Only a few hours after Aamir and Kiran Rao announced their peaceful divorce, fans were quick to criticise celebrities for ‘normalising’ divorce and failing to set an example by making their marriage work.

Regardless of how a marriage or relationship ends, there is always a ‘woman’ to blame.


Within hours of Aamir and Kiran Rao’s divorce being announced, his female colleagues in the film business began trending on social media platforms. They thoroughly demonised a female coworker half Aamir’s age, claiming that he had grown tired of Kiran and was seeking solace and love from a younger colleague. There are ‘women’ to blame for every and any reaction in India. Even in the instance of Sushant Singh Rajput, it escalated into a horrible media trial in which Rhea Chakraborty was singled out.

How can a woman participate in any sport while wearing sports equipment? “Thoda to peheno suitable” (at least wear something appropriate)


Malaika Arora Khan was photographed posing with a traffic cop just a few days ago. She was leaving a gym when she agreed to take a picture for the police. People began’shaming’ her for ‘dressing outrageously’ as soon as the photo became viral on the internet. Kareena Kapoor Khan was also abused a few days ago when she uploaded a photo of herself in a yoga stance on Instagram. People began to remark on her Instagram image, implying that she was too old to wear a sports bra and leggings. Isn’t this incredible?

Being criticised for not being appropriately ‘dressed’ when meeting with a senior colleague

Neena Gupta

When a person meets a senior colleague from the same fraternity, there is a different kind of joy. When Neena Gupta shared a happy photo with famed lyricist and poet Gulzar, however, the internet was quick to mock her. They criticised Neena for showing up at a ‘elderly person’s residence in a ‘knee-length’ outfit.

Good intentions are seldom questioned, but a person’s ‘personal etiquette’ or manner is frequently scrutinised.

Shah Rukh Khan

In India, you can get away with a scam, but you’ll never get away with not behaving properly in public with 100 paparazzi cameras on you from all sides. Instead of appreciating the gesture, Shah Rukh Khan was criticised for wearing sunglasses when he went to Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu’s residence to console her. Will say, “Have mouth!”

Movies and television shows continue to ‘hurt’ feelings and elicit reactions.

Saif Ali Khan’s Bhoot Police First Look Slammed, Netizens Says It Hurts Hindu Sentiments

In India, freedom of speech and expression remains to be a grey area. How much is “too much” and how little is “too little”? At the drop of a hat, people’s emotions are triggered. People have had irrational requests from the film industry, ranging from a complete ban on a film or a show to threats of a complete ban on that actor.

Saif’s next film Bhoot Police, for example, has already fallen in hot water. He is pictured wearing a black jacket with a shirt and clutching a weapon that appears to be his aid in catching ghosts in one of the posters released this week. Netizens jumped the gun, accusing the creators of offending Hindu feelings by including a Hindu saint in the background of the ad. Several social media users reacted angrily, accusing the post of being an attempt to discredit Hindutva. Many more have signed a petition calling for a boycott of Saif’s film.

Star kids are frequently mocked for their ‘obscene’ clothing choices, as their fans criticise them through their own social media accounts.

Star Kids Trolled

People have thoughts about star kids whether they’re wearing a swimsuit, a frock, or a’salwar kameez.’ Everyone is on social media, and whenever a celebrity child poses in a bikini or is seen partying, people are quick to jump on them and use ‘harsh’ language. Aaliyah, Anurag Kashyap’s daughter, has been a frequent victim of these trolls. Aarav, Akshay Kumar’s kid, is also mocked for his appearance.

Celebrities are mocked for their choice of how to grieve.


People accused Neetu Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, and his family of being “insensitive” for celebrating a birthday just a few weeks after Rishi Kapoor’s death. People have never understood that how a family wishes to grieve is a personal choice. Former Bigg Boss contestant Nikki Tamboli was mercilessly targeted when she left for work in Cape Town just a few days after her brother’s tragic death. People with hawk eyes are continually passing their judgements on families who are already going through a difficult period as a result of someone’s death.

Women are still being chastised for their ‘age’ in 2021, and comments about their bodies are in an awful realm.


Because there were stretch marks apparent in Malaika Arora’s photos, a fan said, “Umar ka lihaaz karo.” People are advocating for body positivity, and others are ready to make hurtful comments.

Actors are mocked for selecting a life mate who is half or twice their age.

Milind Soman

Malaika-Arjun, Milind Soman-Ankita Konwar, Saif-Kareena, and a slew of other couples have chosen to love who they want. Instead of being joyful for people who have discovered true love, people are arguing about their age gap. It’s simple to pass judgement on a celebrity and even easier to write a snide remark, but when will we as a culture recognise that it’s not our place to make judgments on someone’s personal choices?

When Muslim Bollywood actors are harassed and chastised for participating in Hindu celebrations

Shah Rukh Khan

The ‘Khans’ govern Bollywood, but who knows how they’re treated when they choose to celebrate a festival of their choosing? People pounce on Salman or Shah Rukh, Muslim by religion, whenever they write about these celebrations, whether it’s Diwali, Holi, or Ganesh Chaturthi. We have yet to understand the actual meaning of secularism, in which every citizen is free to celebrate any festival of their choosing.